Katlin Hatfield Finds Fashion in Armor

April 10th, 2013 by Fashion Blogger
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Katlin Hatfield found inspiration in armor for her senior collection. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

Katlin Hatfield found inspiration in armor for her senior collection. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

By Kristen M. Foley

Last summer, Katlin Hatfield became fascinated with armor—the shape, the size, the materials used to construct it, and why it was worn. The more she learned, the more she realized there was a deeper meaning rooted in her fascination.

“The reality of society being so in denial about vulnerability attracted me. We don’t like to be perceived as vulnerable, so we have this armor,” said Katlin. “That’s what I really wanted to do with my collection, so I built these really structured armored pieces that would draw you in, but keep you at a distance at the same time.”

Katlin has always found ways to create. Growing up in a rural area she did not always have easy access to art classes; therefore, she utilized her surroundings and created her own art education.

“I grew up across the street from a garage and behind the garage there was tons of stuff that we would gather,” she remembered. “My brother and sister and I would go build random things. I loved to create anything, whether it was fabric, wood, or metal; I just loved to create things.”

When she was just nine years old, Katlin’s grandmother surprised her with a toy sewing machine. She was so enthralled with it that her mom had trouble even getting her out of her room for dinner. She also loved to draw and since she loved to sew, clothing was always the main subject.

Katlin used wool and leather in her armor-inspired, structured looks.

Katlin used wool and leather in her armor-inspired, structured looks.

“When I realized that fashion design was a career option I decided that it was what I wanted to do,” she noted.  “I learned about CCAD when I was 15 while I was looking at all the fashion design programs in the states. I visited a few institutions and private colleges and decided that CCAD, with its amazing community of artists and talented professors, was where I wanted to be.”

Katlin also found that her foundation classes at CCAD were just as important as her fashion design classes, if not sometimes even more enlightening.

“Starting at the beginning is really important and helpful. Plus, if you take [foundation classes] earlier, it really helps to conceptualize things,” she said. “From a fine arts perspective it helps you come up with pretty unique designs, which results in more consistency in your collection.”

When it came to Fashion Design classes, for Katlin patternmaking was something that just clicked with her.

“I love how you could take simple math and in a very technical process draw it out,” she muses. “Now it’s like a meditative process for me because it’s a nice, slow, and meticulous process. Once you learn how to do it, it becomes an essential process.”

Katlin’s armor-inspired pieces will grace the runway on May 10. Will you be granted entrance to the show? It only takes a ticket to be part of the magic. Get yours today.

Katlin Hatfield is a native of Adamsville, OH, and a graduate of Tri-Valley High School.


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