Ladies & Gentleman: The 2013 Senior Fashion Show

May 10th, 2013 by Wordpress Administrator
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The show is about to start.

The show is about to start.


OK, we made it, we’re here, and boy is it PACKED.

The house lights are down, and there’s a fabulous pre-show video (produced by Ologie) playing. And, the lights come back as WBNS-10TV’s Kristyn Hartman takes the stage with Michael and Arlene Weiss who are representing our runway sponsor, EXPRESS. They will cut the big red ribbon to kick off the show.

One of these days I’m going to need to ask someone: where exactly does one buy giant scissors?

Up first is six looks from Rachel Chertoff. The gorgeous knit pieces in this collection were painstakingly hand crocheted. I love how she subtly shapes her clothes to frame, and accentuate different areas of the figure.

Next are designs by Leah Sloane Kennedy followed by Jazzmin Evans. While both are showcasing classic red dresses their approaches are distinctly different.

Side note: the make-up and hair by Mukha Custom Cosmetics and Jolie Laide is the finishing touch that gives our show that professional, fashion-week feel.


custom designed fabric

Antoiné Slater’s looks follow. Her African prints are bold and work well with the strong, structured lines in her designs—her patterned pants and jacket are fierce!

Sarah Frederick also brings us some beautifully constructed pants, but her looks are softer. Her color pallet brings in more creams and blues. There’s a lot of detail work in Sarah’s collection—and she was tapped to create a custom piece for Ms. Kristy Eckert from Capital Style (who looks stunning in the Frederick original).

Our next two designers, Karla Norquist and Jess Betz bring a tropical, beachy vibe to the runway.

Point of interest. This year I’m seeing more pants, shorts, jackets, and men’s looks than past years. Anyone who has watched Project Runway can appreciate that well-fitted pants, shorts, and sleeves are quite difficult to achieve. This crop of designers really challenged themselves and it shows. Ngockhanh Ngo is a perfect example. His Americana-inspired menswear collection is meticulously constructed, fits perfectly, and shows an impressive attention to detail.

Danielle Nicole Jones also bring meticulously constructed garments to the runway, and they are paired with strong vibrant prints that she designed and produced. The ankle-length gown, in particular is a delicious surprise.

Katlin Hatfield’s armor-inspired look is highly structured as Kate Elaine Pohrt’s. Kate has carefully pieced together unique, metallic fabrics to create women and men’s wear that is art-deco-inspired, yet futuristic.

Structure plays a role in Jennica Gray’s look, but the end result feels soft and flows—in part because of the seamless way she has pieced together contrasting colors.


The collection

The collection

Nicole Chhuom brings a more neutral palette to the runway, which provides continuity to her two otherwise divergent looks.

Another designer who did mostly menswear and who designed his own patterned fabrics, Dax Thomas Kauser, brings us an edgy, modern, cohesive collection. Each look is beautiful and distinct and yet there is still a sense of unity between his pieces.

Olivia Brezinski’s look combines sleek leather with soft feathers, giving it a goth-princess feel.

In contrast, Phoebe Isaac’s looks are celestial with their soothing blue tones. The long-sleeved, floor-length dress, is particularly stunning as the model turns and we see the cut-out back.

Old world meets new world with Tina Hughes’ collection. There is definitely a European feel to her collection, and yet there are pieces that have a distinctly vintage American flavor.

Kassie Haji brings us a nice range of garments in her five-piece collection, but what really stands out is her menswear look. The suit is sleek, modern, and original.



From Katharine E. Hire’ sassy patterned jacket with the triangular cut out in the back to her stunning, purple, a-symmetrical dress; this collection is a crowd pleaser. Point of interest: she bought her fabrics in Africa while on a medical mission trip.

Olivia Mitchell’s architecture-inspired collection is a futuristic wonder coming down the runway and is a perfect segue to Krista Guanlao Sison’s looks. I’ve been looking forward to seeing one piece of hers in particular. Her collection was inspired by a Spanish cathedral, and the last look in the show is truly wearable art—like a moving sculpture.

Twenty-one designers, 66 looks, and now we get to the part of the show that always makes me tear up. Each designer comes out to be recognized. The riotous applause of the crowd and the love they are showing to these young designers is palpable. And as each designer finishes their loop on the runway they are met by their fearless leader, Fashion Design Chair Suzanne Cotton, who gives them flowers. The designers now return the gesture and present Ms. Cotton with her own bouquet—seriously, tears here.

As the audience begins to settle down Kristyn Hartman takes the stage once more, and presents Katharine Hire with the Easton Fashion award, sponsored by Easton Town Center. With that there is only one thing left to do…DANCE!

See you in a bit.

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The CCAD Fashion Show is an annual fundraising event that showcases the talent of graduating Columbus College of Art & Design Fashion Design Seniors. This popular event sells out every year and this blog is a portal through which to view the behind-the-scenes goings on.

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