Checking in on Past AAE Recipients

June 18th, 2013 by Katlin McNally
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Dan Scanlon, photo by Richard Harbaugh © 2011 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Dan Scanlon and ‘Monsters University;’ photo by Richard Harbaugh © 2011 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Announcing Chad Hunt as our Alumni Award for Excellence winner got us thinking about our past AAE recipients and what they’ve been up to lately. So we decided to talk to the last three AAE recipients and below are their updates, enjoy!

Dan Scanlon, 2012 AAE recipient

Dan Scanlon (CCAD 1998) just finished directing Pixar Animation Studios’ Monsters University and is in full swing to promote the film, which will be released June 21. His time is spent doing interviews and approving new trailers and television spots.

“All that being said, things are slow for the moment, which is a nice break—a calm before the storm of international press,” Scanlon said. “I hope to get back to doing a little painting during my time off, maybe some writing, but mostly I’ll be sleeping in and watching daytime soap operas.”

The Illustration alumnus comments that although it is nice to have a break, CCAD started that drive in him to always be making something.

“I love to tell stories, and I love to hear stories,” Scanlon said. “I love the idea of making something where there was nothing. Any work of art is like a gift, and who doesn’t like giving gifts?”

Nathan Greno

Nathan Greno

Nathan Greno, 2011 AAE recipient

The last time we spoke to Nathan Greno (CCAD 1993-1996) he had finished co-directing Tangled and was wrapping-up Tangled Ever After, a short that continues the story of Tangled‘s main characters.

Recently, Greno pointed out that Walt Disney Animation is all about collaboration, so he has been lending a helping hand to any crew and film that needs it.

He is currently directing and working on a new feature film that is still top secret, so he can’t release any information—trust us, we tried!

“I’m incredibly excited about the new film I’m developing,” Greno said. “I’ll be directing on my own this time, and unfortunately I can’t say much, but if you enjoyed what we did with Tangled, I believe you’ll love the new project.”

Rosanne Percivalle, image from

Rosanne Percivalle, image from

Rosanne Percivalle, 2010 AAE recipient

Rosanne Percivalle (CCAD 1980) is the owner and design director of 2D3D Design, Inc. in New York City.

Since 2010, the Illustration alumna has worked on several exciting projects, including creating murals and environmental graphics for Trader Joe’s stores. She also continues to work for Whole Foods Market as needed on the fabrication of signage and one-of-a-kind custom displays (think lollipop trees).

“I am an artist, and I love creating,” Percivalle said. “In addition, I get great satisfaction from seeing the results of my visualizations being utilized by consumers to beautify environments.”

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