Toon Boom Contest Winners Enjoy College PreView

July 31st, 2013 by Katlin McNally
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Alexandra Ibarra of San Antonio, TX, works during an animation class

Alexandra Ibarra of San Antonio works during an animation class

The winners of CCAD’s Toon Boom contest are currently working away at College PreView, where they get to live and take classes on campus and experience college life for three weeks—as well as the opportunity to work in the Toon Boom software. The contest was announced in April; high school students nationwide submitted their own storyboards for a chance to win a scholarship to attend the program.

The full scholarship went to Alexandra Ibarra of San Antonio, and partial scholarships went to Alice Langlois of Belchertown, MA, and Royal Dunlap of Detroit.

Ibarra traveled a long way from San Antonio, where she attends MacArthur High School, but she had no problem feeling at home in Columbus.

“My favorite part of this experience is being able to work with this technology and being surrounded by artists who are similar to me—it’s been wonderful,” Ibarra said.

Her winning storyboard follows a girl and her scared little dachshund. The pair stumbles upon a kitten the girl wants to catch, which leads her straight into a busy street where the little dog must overcome his fears to save her.

Alice Langlois of Belchertown, MA, works on a project

Alice Langlois of Belchertown, MA, works on a project

Ibarra’s dream job is to work at Pixar in animation, storyboarding, or character development.

Langlois is from Belchertown, MA, and attends Belchertown High School. Since the age of eight she has taken art classes at the local community center and now even helps teach a few of the courses.

“I’ve never been this far away from home for this long, so it has been fun,” Langlois said. “It’s cool to do real animation work and be in a college setting so I can learn what it will be like.”

Her submitted storyboard for the contest follows a young bat who wants to become one of the stars in the sky on his journey to fly among them.

Dunlap, who lives in Detroit, and attends Henry Ford Academy, found out about the contest through his uncle, who has an art background.

“It has been great staying at the college and learning about animation and the other majors offered here,” Dunlap said.

Royal Dunlap of Detroit, MI, during class

Royal Dunlap of Detroit during class

Dunlap wants to work in the animation or comic illustration field and is definitely keeping CCAD on a list of possible colleges, especially since he has family living in Columbus, OH.

His storyboard follows an evil character who teases a poor man with money and reads the fortune of a lady, playing tricks on them both.

CCAD was selected in April as the first Center of Excellence in the United States for industry-leading digital content and animation creation software Toon Boom. The Montreal-based, Emmy-Award winning Toon Boom is the platform behind the development of Nickelodeon’s Rug Rats, Disney’s Princess and the Frog, and feature movie versions of The Simpsons and SpongeBob SquarePants.

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