1 Student. 1 Staffer. 2 Bikes. What Could Go Wrong?

August 12th, 2013 by Katlin McNally
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CCAD student Kirby Hines walking his bike through downtown Columbus (the roads were intimidating to ride on)

CCAD student Kirby Hines walking his bike through downtown Columbus (the roads were intimidating to ride on)

So I kidnapped a student today.

Don’t worry I returned him unscathed and not permanently emotionally damaged.

I took Kirby Hines, a junior in Photography and an intern in our admissions office, out with me to test drive the new CoGo bikes, the bike share program Columbus launched this summer. Why did I force a student to come with me? I needed photos and didn’t feel like taking a bunch of selfies, plus it’s good to let the interns out once in awhile.

We were both a little nervous considering I admitted to him that I hadn’t ridden a bike in about 10 years and then he admitted the same—I then briefly pondered if they also rented training wheels.

One of the bike stations is located right on campus and another one close by the Columbus Museum of Art. It cost $6 for a 24 hour pass. The first 30 minutes are free and there is an additional $3 charge for every half hour after. You can also purchase an annual pass for $75 for unlimited riding (within the 30 minute window) all year round. Bikes can be returned or docked at any of the 26 stations around Columbus. But enough of the boring stuff, let’s get back to our kidnapping—I mean bike adventure.

After gliding right onto Broad Street with lots of sound effects along the lines of grunts, squeals of excitement, and fear we rode the 1.2 miles down to the Santa Maria. What’s the Santa Maria you ask? It is one of the three ships the explorer Christopher Columbus sailed over to the good old U S of A, or more aptly named the New World at the time. We have this great ship docked right on the Scioto River (okay, it may only be a replica, but close enough).

We then rode over to the Scioto Mile Park, which is along the river, and sat on some swings… I am slightly ashamed to admit this, but I was exhausted so that was a welcome break. The bikes are super easy to ride with their high seats and bars and three gears, but alas that was still a lot of pedaling for the day I decide to wear heels to work.

We coasted along the water and over the bridge to go visit Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yep, he is constantly stationed in front of our Vets Memorial, flexing….Not in the flesh of course, but instead in the form of a life-size bronze sculpture.

Kirby Hines flexing with Arnold

Kirby Hines flexing with Arnold Schwarzenegger

So of course Kirby had to compare muscles.

We were half tempted to park our bikes and go and cool off in COSI (Center of Science and Industry), especially since they have a MythBusters exhibit going on, but I did kidnap Kirby and I didn’t want people to get too worried.

We started back to CCAD, passing coffee and sandwich shops, the State House, and cooled off in some shade at the Topiary Garden. We took some Instagram video there and tested out the bike bells… a lot. And then decided after an hour of exploring Columbus, in the humidity, we’ll call it a day.

But alas, the adventures weren’t done yet, considering on the way back my shoe flew off in the road, don’t worry, no injuries except to my pride—again, should not have worn heels.

We both agreed that although it was hot and I had a near death experience it was fun to explore on the bike. They will be super convenient if you want to just grab lunch or a coffee just out of walking distance or be like us and go visit Arnold, COSI, or cool off down by the water. Although Kirby may not use them too often considering he kept saying how much he missed his car.

Tata for now!

Katlin McNally is the Online Communications Coordinator at CCAD. She loves Doctor Who and her psycho mutt puppy.

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