All Things Start With an Idea…

August 2nd, 2013 by Admissions Blogger
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Densil, caught cracking up between shots at "official" photo shoot.

Densil, caught cracking up between shots during “official” photo shoot.

By Densil Porteous

When I was younger I would sit, in the summer heat, on the front steps of my family home in Brooklyn. I wouldn’t be alone of course; no, I was there with two of my best friends watching our summer flitter—bye. Inevitably someone in the group would release several magic words that would set our day into action “I have an idea!”

Like the many summer adventures of my boyhood (whether good or bad) this blog started with an idea.

Our idea is simple: to give our prospective students an insider’s perspective. Here is our chance to have a deeper conversation with students, far and wide, while giving them the opportunity to meet our community members through their own words and experiences.

Our writers will be admissions officers, other college administrators, faculty, alumni and most importantly current students. These posts will be in each writer’s own voice—you know that voice your English teacher is always telling you to find…don’t worry if you haven’t found it yet—who knows you may just find it here.

Finding your voice may occur while engaging in this college exploration processes and I look forward to accompanying you on the search over the next year (for seniors and/or families of seniors) or over the next several years—for those non-seniors.

I will share specifics on the admissions happenings and processes here at CCAD; I will also share some insider perspective helpful to students and families, regardless of the final college selection—but you will, primarily, hear from our students.

You’ll find out about what our students are doing on the first day of classes, where they eat when they’ve been up all night working in a studio, how they felt after a critique of their work (by a professor or a peer), the anxiety around finals, the joy of the all-campus Halloween celebration, the awesome artist entrepreneur who spoke on campus, or even the sadness of summer approaching; signaling the end of another engaging school year—but not an end to new ideas.

So, I hope you enjoy this idea—and I encourage you to share your voice; whether in comments below or letters “to the editor”—maybe that’s me?

I look forward to exploring this, and many more, ideas with you!

Densil Porteous, CCAD’s director of admissions, likes acting, singing, and dancing.

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The Life at CCAD blog brings prospective students and their families into ongoing conversation with CCAD students, admissions counselors, and financial aid staff—including occasional visits from other members of the CCAD family.

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