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August 30th, 2013 by Wordpress Administrator
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Desktop/tablet: Wes Talbot (class of 2013, Illustration)

Wes Talbot (class of 2013, Illustration)

At CCAD, there are more than 1,300 students on campus in nine majors, and every one of them is turning out the best work they can dream up, day in and day out.

Gorgeous paintings—groundbreaking product design—soul-soothing interiors—edgy ads—mindbending fashion—and this doesn’t even touch on the videos, sculpture, glass, performance, prints, animation, games, and photos…

We say “WOW” so much, we’ve just got to share. So here’s our invitation: survey our gallery, and download your favorite images to use as wallpaper on your own go-to devices. We know you’ll love living with this work as much as we do.

P.S. We threw in some campus shots, too, just for fun. Enjoy!

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