Cinematic Arts Junior Sakhile Vanqa Says Hello

September 25th, 2013 by Student Blogger
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Me at the photo booth during the freshman welcome party in Schottenstein

Me at the photo booth during the freshman welcome party in Schottenstein (CCAD’s dorm)

By Sakhile Vanqa

Good day everyone!

I am the newest addition to the student blogging team, and I will be working alongside the eloquent, Ms. Colleen Clark in bringing you the goings-on at CCAD (though implied, it doesn’t hurt to say it).

The places I call home are South Africa and Botswana; and I have been a part of CCAD since August 2012 after I transferred from Savannah College of Art and Design. The change threw me off my axis, and after a month here I was trying to see if I could go back out of pure ‘homesickness.’ Not opening myself to Columbus, and seeing it as its own place, barred me from taking advantage of the fantastic place CCAD is. The jury is still out on the weather though. If you have been to Columbus, or know anything about it, you would know not to trust the weatherman on TV. It doesn’t bother me too much if I get caught in the rain cycling about the city, exploring with friends or alone.

Before long I was part of the CCAD community. In addition to being a student blogger, I am also in the first semester of being an RA in Design Square Apartments. I’m excited and curiously looking forward to how this next year will pan out!

Sakhile Vanqa is a junior majoring in Cinematic Arts who enjoys humor, cycling, and aspires to shoot for National Geographic.



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