Columbus Symphony, Filmmaker Perform Together at CCAD

September 24th, 2013 by CCAD News
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A still from a Martha Colburn film to screen Oct. 3 in a collaborative performance with an ensemble from the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

A still from a Martha Colburn film, METAMORFOZA.

By Anne Saker

In an innovative partnership between Columbus College of Art & Design and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, an ensemble from CSO will present a collaborative program with Martha Colburn, a prolific multimedia artist currently exhibiting at CCAD.

On Oct. 3 in CCAD’s Canzani Center Auditorium, Colburn will screen two of her films, One and One is Live and Triumph of the Wild. Accompanying the films will be Colburn’s longtime musical colleague, pianist Thollem McDonas.

Then a 13-member CSO ensemble will perform two original scores by Felipe Waller while Colburn screens her Secrets of Mexuality and METAMORFOZA. In April, at a screening of those films in April, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra premiered Waller’s music.

Admission is free, and there are is no reserved seating. After the performance, Colburn will answer questions, and CCAD will host a reception.

CCAD President Dennison W. Griffith said partnering with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra allows CCAD “to introduce our vast array of contemporary art events to supporters of the symphony—and for our students and faculty to hear the symphony’s ensemble perform live.”

CCAD is showing about 30 of Colburn’s works in the Canzani Center Gallery. Called Camera, Lights, Charge, Pop, the show features Colburn’s manipulated-found-footage and stop-animation films, Polaroids, and large collages from the 1990s until today.

Colburn said her exhibition and the Oct. 3 event had been long planned when she and CCAD Director of Exhibitions Michael Goodson talked about adding an element of live music. Goodson approached the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Colburn asked Waller to rework his new symphony scores for an ensemble.

“This performance promises to be an interesting step in the development of our collaboration, as well as the collaboration with the Columbus Symphony ensemble,” Colburn said.

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