Hungry All-Nighters? Here’s A Food Guide!

September 17th, 2013 by Student Blogger
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(L to R): Kate, Rico, Jacob, me, and Bekah, enjoying some fine dining.

(L to R): Kate, Rico, Jacob, me, and Bekah, enjoying some fine dining.

By Colleen Clark

Every Friday night, after Illustration Student Collective meetings, all the other leaders and I head over to Steak ‘n Shake in Easton to discuss how the meeting went (and eat burgers and shakes). It has become one of the fun traditions I’ll always remember once I leave CCAD, but one of the not-so-fun traditions is pulling all-nighters to get homework done. Luckily, for these hungry, long, tired nights, Steak ‘n Shake isn’t the only delicious food place open late—there are options all over Columbus! Here are some of my favorites:

Mikey’s Late Night Slice: A pizza joint with a few locations, but the original is right in the Short North. The accessibility factor is even better when coupled with the deliciousness factor; this pizza is EXCELLENT. Each slice is huge and pretty cheap. It’s a super popular stop for me and my friends after gallery hopping or hanging out until late at night downtown, and it’s open till 3 a.m. weekdays and 4 a.m. weekends!

Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace: A Columbus favorite and a unique concept: gourmet hot dogs. From “Lara’s Pittsburgh Princess,” a hot dog with slaw and French fries on top, to the “Seoul Dog,” a dog with kim chee and sriracha, you’re guaranteed to try something new here. They have vegan and vegetarian dogs too, which in my opinion taste even better! Each dog runs about $3-4, and I’m pretty cheap, so I find myself here with friends all the time after our night classes let out. It’s walkable from CCAD campus, and it’s open till 2:30 a.m. Monday night is karaoke night, which is either very entertaining or in my case, very embarrassing.

Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails: Closest to campus (right on Gay street!) and open till 2 a.m., this bar and restaurant is another VERY popular stop for CCAD students. Now that I’m 21, I love trying their huge selection of whiskey drinks. Sometimes when I skip dinner and the Market is closed, I’ll grab a turkey and goat cheese sandwich with a side of the BEST sweet potato fries I’ve ever had (if I choose sweet potato fries over regular ones you know they’re good.)

The best thing about these places is that you can only find them in Columbus, and they’re used to lots of college students, since we flock to wherever food is past midnight. So when you have a long night of homework ahead of you, grab some friends, grab some grub, and get to work!

Colleen Clark is a CCAD senior illustration major who enjoys looking at photos of dogs online, following NBC comedy series (specifically anything involving Tina Fey), and sharing her art and thoughts through her online blog.

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