Students Laugh, Cry, Bond Over Collaborative Class Project

November 12th, 2013 by Amanda Pierce
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Movie poster for "The Paperboy and the Wizard of 4th Street"

Movie poster for “The Paperboy & the Wizard of 4th Street”

Students in the Design for Media class took center stage Nov. 12 as they presented final projects to fellow classmates, students, faculty, and staff.

The collaborative course groups sophomore students from several different majors to work on five-week projects imagined by themselves and their classmates. What unfolds is “like a gripping coming of age novel all wrapped in one course,” said Cat Sheridan, director of Continuing & Professional Studies and a member of the faculty team for the class.

Student teams presented three videos and one interactive installation piece in the Loann Crane Center for Design.

“Often, these are our students’ first experiences with collaboration of this scale and scope,” Sheridan said. “As you might imagine, there are tears shed, sleep lost, laughs had, and unbelievably strong bonds made.”

Laura Thatcher, Cinematic Arts sophomore and director of A Strange Dinner, faced challenges, but said the process was rewarding overall.

“It was so wonderful to have this set project and then this finished product,” Thatcher said.

Cast and crew shooting "A Strange Dinner."

Cast and crew shooting “A Strange Dinner.”

Cameron Granger, Cinematic Arts sophomore and director of The Paperboy & the Wizard of 4th St, and his team put in more than 100 hours of work over the five weeks.

“A lot of love went into this project,” Granger said. “You can relate to pretty much all the characters [in the movie]. That’s what makes a good story.”

Other projects included, Dread Action Network (directed by Cinematic Arts junior Heather Taylor) and interactive installation piece Fan the Flame (directed by Cinematic Arts sophomore Sam Devine).

The faculty team for the class included Lisa McLymont, Advertising & Graphic Design adjunct instructor, Director of Continuing & Professional Studies Cat Sheridan, and Cinematic Arts Adjunct Instructor Lexie Stoia .

Devine is from Hoover, AL, and attended Hoover High School; Granger is from Euclid, OH, and attended Euclid High School; Taylor is from Grafton, OH; and Thatcher is from Signal, TN, and attended Chattanooga Christian School.

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