Dear 2013, It’s Been Quite A Ride! Love, CCAD

December 31st, 2013 by Wordpress Administrator
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CCAD had 17 exhibitions go through the Canzani Center Gallery in 2013.

CCAD hosted  17 exhibitions in the Canzani Center Gallery in 2013.

It’s hard to believe 2013 is about to sing its swan song. So, before we dive into 2014 we would like to do something a little clichéd. We’d like to take a moment to look back at the year and brag about the accomplishments of our family (VIDEO). Yes, that’s right: We are enacting our own family holiday newsletter (minus the “festive” holiday paper).

This was quite the year for visitors. CCAD brought more than 33 visiting artists and scholars to campus. We were moved by poetry with visits from U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey and Pulitzer Prize-winner Sharon Olds; we laughed with Mike Birbiglia and two of the creators of Family Guy and ; critics including the New York Times’ Holland Cotter got us thinking, and performances by artists like Miranda July inspired us.

Inspiration is not hard to come by when you are part of an art and design college with such a robust exhibitions program. This year 17 exhibitions were mounted in the Canzani Center Gallery.


Director of Exhibitions Michael Goodson brought to CCAD, and Columbus, exhibitions that opened our spaces and our minds. We saw punk posters, paintings, illustrations, and alliterations. The limits of the gallery walls were challenged in WALL, and the intersection of  painterly abstraction and the object was investigated in My Crippled Friend. Each exhibition exposed our students to high-caliber work from successful contemporary artists around the world.

Cailyn Driscoll's memorable commencement address.

Cailyn Driscoll’s memorable commencement address.

This year also brought a new reason for artists and the community to visit our campus. CCAD was proud to partner with the SculptureCenter and host SculptureX, an annual regional sculpture symposium, which included a keynote from Martin Kersels. The weekend was full of engaging presentations and exhibitions, and the symposium brought hundreds of artists to campus. We captured it on film and this teaser (VIDEO) should give you a taste of what to expect when we host again next year.

SculptureX was one of three back-to-back weekend events at the college in fall. In late September we held our Mix Comics Symposium for a second time, which included a keynote from Bone creator Jeff Smith. He was kind enough to let us film his keynote (VIDEO)—which is included on our YouTube channel 2013 Highlights playlist. You can also check out this clip from our annual Alumni & Family Weekend (VIDEO), which followed the Mix Symposium—be sure to note the Industrial Design department’s trebuchets, which were a crowd favorite.

Alumni & Family Weekend is also when we gave our Alumni Excellence Award, which went to photographer Chad Hunt (CCAD 1994). Hunt is perhaps best known for the body of work that he developed while embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan. His work has been featured on the cover of TIME magazine, in Popular Mechanics, and was exhibited in CCAD’s Acock Gallery this past fall.

Our alumni have given us plenty of reasons to cheer this past year, from Oscar nods to blockbuster releases to exhibitions across the country. They’ve created books, music videos, and even gods and goddesses.

Seeing our alumni in the credits of major movie releases is nothing new, but seeing Dan Scanlon (CCAD 1998) in the credits as director of Monsters University was particularly fun, as was seeing Life of Pi win an Oscar and a VES  for visual effects knowing that Steve Hubbard (CCAD 2010) was on that team. Manjari Sharma (CCAD 2004) continued to garner international attention for her Darshan series, and local creative company S77, which employs several alumni, has made a name for itself working on videos for chart-topping artists.

It’s not just our alumni shining. Our faculty and students have been making news in and out of the classroom. This has been an exciting year for academic projects, which have connected our students with global corporations and taken them across the country and across the Atlantic.

Eight Industrial and Advertising & Graphic Design students conducted market research in Europe for Proctor & Gamble; one lucky animation student earned a prized spot at the Disney Inspire Day; Lumin (VIDEO), a film by the Advanced Time-Based Projects class, earned a spot at this year’s Austin Film Festival; and a two-year project with the state of Ohio came to conclusion on April 15, 2013 when the new CCAD-student-designed license plates officially hit the road.

2013 brought yet another fantastic fashion show.

2013 brought yet another fantastic fashion show.

This was also a year of great change—some of it bittersweet. Each year we bid farewell to another graduating class, but they always leave their mark before they leave our campus. At the 2013 commencement, Student Government President and Advertising & Graphic Design major Cailyn Driscoll went above and beyond when she gave a hilarious, heartfelt address wearing a unicorn mask (VIDEO).

We are accustomed to seeing students move on each year, but in August we learned that our beloved president Denny Griffith will retire in 2014. We are sad to see him go, but we relish the opportunity to celebrate Griffith and all that he has done for CCAD in his 16 years as president. Starting the party early, the King Arts Complex recently honored President Griffith at their annual Legend & Legacies event.

Some changes began in 2012, but really took off this year—such as the MindMarket, which is creating project-based learning experiences for our students.  Our campus also became even more green this year, as we launched new sustainability initiatives. We look forward to seeing what the sustainability committee and the MindMarket come up with in 2014.

CCAD even changed up the semi-annual art sales, turning them into juried art fairs. While the public still can still purchase amazing artwork from up-and-coming artists (VIDEO), the jury process provides our students with an application experience that is more akin to art fairs across the nation.

We can’t publish 2013 highlights without shining a spotlight on the annual Senior Fashion Show (VIDEO). Once again, this event was a sold-out smash that raised thousands for scholarships. We are gearing up for an even more amazing show on May 9. You can follow the fashion show blog for an inside look as the students develop their collections. Tickets go on sale in February.

We close the year feeling grateful to our community (VIDEO). From individual donations, to the investments made by the President’s Circle, to corporate gifts that fund innovative new initiatives, CCAD is fortunate in its friends.

We are looking forward to another year of fantastic news.


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