How an Art Student Procrastinates

December 27th, 2013 by Student Blogger
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By Colleen Clark

A panel from my most popular procrasti-comic. PUNK ROCK!

A panel from my most popular procrasti-comic. PUNK ROCK!

With my Illustration major and Writing minor, I figured out pretty early on I wanted to make comics. I take my time and try to be meaningful with my longer projects, which you can see elsewhere on the CCAD blog here and here. But every once in a while… when I need to get a thought out or I just want to procrastinate my real homework a little longer… I make procrasti-comics. These are little doodle comics that I probably spend too much time on but I’ve come to really enjoy making. Luckily, the positive response I get from people who can relate to my 3 AM thoughts makes them feel worthwhile.

Spock from Star Trek in one of his many late-night appearances in my sketchbook.

One of my many Spock doodles.

These little comics have become the most successful posts on my blog. The “punk rock” one somehow reached over 100,000 notes (a.k.a. shares and likes), and I would have never in a million years predicted that! Why can’t things I spent all semester on get that kind of attention? You’ll never know what people will love most, so I guess the solution is just to create as much as you can and put it all out there. If I decided not to post that comic I made in three hours because I thought it was too unfinished, I wouldn’t have the same following I have now.

I also have a habit of doodling Star Trek characters… a lot. But hey, I must be doing what I love most if the things I do when I’m bored or procrastinating help my career, right?

Take a look at some of my little comics below. And follow my blog if you ever want to see more, I’m sure I’ll be procrastinating any day now!

Colleen Clark, CCAD senior illustration major, enjoys looking at photos of dogs online, following NBC comedy series (specifically anything involving Tina Fey), and sharing her art and thoughts through her online blog.

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2 Responses to “How an Art Student Procrastinates”

  1. Is there a better way to procrastinate then to look at pictures of dogs? :)
    Dogs are man’s best friend. They bring so much joy to our lives through their unconditional love… Colleen, keep looking at dogs and enjoy.

  2. david ramirez says:

    I see why the “punk rock”comic was so well received. You encapsulated the very common subject (I`m typing this from Peru you see) in a direct and simple way. And this causes a reaction too, which is why I won`t show it to my punk friend.