“The More I Look At This, the Better It Gets”

December 18th, 2013 by Amanda Pierce
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Jasmine Stewart joined Fashion Design seniors for their final critique of the semester last Thursday.

Abercrombie & Fitch designer and 2006 Fashion Design alum Jasmine Stewart joined Fashion Design seniors for their final critique of the semester last Thursday.

Last Thursday marked the final critique of the semester, and it showed.

As she examined an exquisitely crafted cape jacket, Professor Becky Robinson said, “the more I look at it, the better it gets.”

Despite some heavy eyelids and an abundance of caffeinated drinks in the sewing lab that day, Becky was absolutely right. And not just about that particular garment. The students have continued to pour themselves into their collections and the results are stunning.

Though you’d think our sleep-deprived designers would park themselves on the couch during their one-month winter break that’s now in full swing, think again.

Without classes and other homework, this is precious time. They aren’t letting up on the gas.

“I’m working on this piece that’s kind of crazy,” hinted Bryston Walters, whose main focus over the break will be sewing (“It’s what I’ve done my entire life since before I can remember”).

“I’m collaborating with one of my friends who is a painter. He’s going to do this abstract… floral rosette print,” Bryston said about his latest garment, a flowy gown with a head piece.

It sounds like this will fit right in with the rest of his collection—a whimsical line that explores the fate of childhood fantasies once their creators stop fueling them. Think worn-out damsels in distress whose beautiful gowns have seen better days.

Bryston Walters

Bryston Walters

Betsy Judd’s winter break will be devoted to one thing: beading.

“There are going to be beads on every single piece,” she sad. “I just really love the process.”

Though I’ve only seen one piece from her collection so far (a wintery white frock with gold fringe beading that I would wear in a hot second), her design aesthetic is clear. It’s fun, airy, light, and totally wearable—inspired by the happiness that comes after a period of darkness.

After talking with Ryun Harrison, it was easier to understand why so many of these students sacrifice for their work.

Their passion doesn’t stop when they leave campus and for some, it willingly consumes their lives. I get the feeling most of them wouldn’t have it any other way.

Though Ryun said he’s forcing himself to rest and recuperate at home in Atlanta, GA, he’ll also work on a dress for his friend’s senior thesis in dance at the Boston Conservatory before heading back to Ohio and his collection.

Once his plane touches down in Columbus after Christmas, Ryun said it’s going to be all senior collection, all the time for the rest of winter break.

Betsy Judd's hand beading

Betsy Judd’s hand beading

He’ll put in time at home and on campus in the sewing lab, where he says the light is especially good in the early morning hours.

“You can really zone in. It’s really tranquil,” he said.

And he’ll need to channel as much tranquility as possible to meet his goal of finishing two pieces by the end of break.

“It’s a lot,” Ryan admitted, “but I’m ready to tackle the challenge.”

There’s so much to look forward to in the New Year—the juried selection of final garments for the show, a photo shoot for the lookbook, and in-depth interviews with each designer—so you’ll want to keep tabs on us here on the blog and on Twitter (#ccadfs).

Like Becky said, it’s only going to get better.

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