Who Takes Care of College PreView Students? RAs Do

January 29th, 2014 by Student Blogger
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By Sakhile Vanqa

Waiting for The Graduate to start at the Wexner Centre

Waiting for “The Graduate” to start at the Wexner Center

Falling in the middle of Columbus’ brilliantly warm summer is the College PreView program. It runs for a few weeks, and the students (high school-aged) are housed on the CCAD campus. For those of you who don’t know what the program entails, it’s basically a mild prelude to the life of artistry lead here at CCAD.

It was my first time being a part of this program—My fellow RAs [residence advisors] and I were requested to be a part of organizing events, and taking care of the students while they lived in the dorms.

If there was one thing I missed before beginning the whole college experience, it was taking tours and taking the time to get to know the university whose name would soon be tattooed on my sleeve. Although I missed the experience of meeting people within the college setting before I started college,  I watched friendships form during College PreView and it was brilliant.

I didn’t know extensively what the College PreView program was all about before it began, but it became apparent very quickly. The students began to come in and they carried a different energy than the regular freshmen—an excitement of knowing that they had a choice of going or doing something else if they weren’t happy in the art field.  And that flexibility brought out an interesting attitude over the course of the program.

After a week of being here, however, they began to sound just like our freshmen. Whenever the staff was hanging out with one another at the front desk, we often heard them coming into DSA [Design Square Apartments] and talking about how much sleep they got, or lack thereof; confusion over when an essay was due. We laughed to ourselves because we knew exactly where it was all coming from and it sounded too familiar.


Students working on a College PreView project

Everyone had a very good understanding of what being an artist was all about, which honestly made the experience of taking care of them in the residence hall a lot easier.

To ensure that these budding artists didn’t go insane from spending all their time on campus, there were trips around the city that were organized, including the Columbus Museum of Art and the Wexner Center where they were hosting a free screening of The Graduate on the center’s front lawn.

They were a great bunch that even formed friendships with the RAs. It’s good to know our positions weren’t at all intimidating, even after all the times we had to tell them to quiet down late at night. I’m not sure if I can attribute their fluctuating energy levels to being an artist, or to being young enough to still be able to bounce off the walls. Maybe I’ll figure it out this year.

Sakhile Vanqa is a junior majoring in Cinematic Arts who enjoys humor, cycling, and aspires to shoot for National Geographic.

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