A Snippet of my February Days

February 20th, 2014 by Student Blogger
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By Sakhile Vanqa

This year the 13th and the 14th of February was a lot less eventful than I had anticipated. I spent most of it completing the evaluation I had to do to be considered for rehiring as an RA for next year.  On the eve of Valentine’s Day, I attended the MindMarket’s Relaunch Party and got a little nonsensical with friends. The MindMarket is a division of the college that deals with private companies and their visual presence, and how we can help them and it is revamping its style so they held a party for it. Hey, we weren’t complaining.

On Valentine’s Day we got spoiled with some great food provided by the cafeteria. Everyone nearly lost their minds. When the Market holds themed meals, it’s brilliantly put together and a lot of fun.

The only thing that was a bother was the weather. You’d think I would be done complaining about it after being here for so long.

Sakhile Vanqa is a junior majoring in Cinematic Arts who enjoys humor, cycling, and aspires to shoot for National Geographic.

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