CCAD College PreView Expands Horizon with New Project

February 19th, 2014 by Amanda Pierce
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College PreView students

College PreView students

Mariah Shamy always thought she would study to be a doctor after high school. But after she attended CCAD’s College PreView program the summer after her sophomore year, everything changed.

“College PreView is where I discovered that I wanted to fully pursue art as a career,” said Shamy, now a freshman in Illustration at CCAD. “I knew that this is where I belonged.”

Now in its 15th year, the three-week program that allows students in grades 10–12 to experience life as a CCAD student is gearing up for some changes that will reflect the college’s new undergraduate curriculum.

Just as the undergraduate curriculum emphasizes business skills and industry and community partnerships, the College PreView curriculum will now give students the opportunity to work collaboratively across disciplines on a project with a real client through the CCAD MindMarket.

“[College PreView] students need to see the ties [between majors] and need to be involved in those ties,” said Cat Sheridan, director of continuing & professional studies. “We wanted to make sure we were reflecting the changes to the college.”

Sheridan is keeping details about the collaborative project under wraps, but did reveal that it will end with a capstone event with community guests.

Mariah Shamy

Mariah Shamy (left) with friends at College PreView.

Last year marked the first year of Discovery Club, a weeklong program similar to College PreView that allows students going into grades 7-9 to experience life as a CCAD student.

The program is completely immersive and tailored to the interests of the group.

Last year’s inaugural cohort, made up of 12 students, was a success, Sheridan said, and this summer she looks forward to welcoming around 30 students.

“Last year was a really special program,” she said. “They had some fabulous results.”

While changes are on the horizon for College PreView, Sheridan said the mission remains the same for both Discovery Club and College PreView.

“Our hope is that we get students really excited,” she said. “This kind of program makes it 100 percent clear if you should go to an art school or not.”

The new collaborative project for College PreView students will add to faculty-taught classes and professional artist workshops that intentionally make students stretch.

“[The program is] rigorous enough that it truly challenges [students],” Sheridan said. “In the span of three weeks, you get to see amazing growth.”

College PreView

Students eating in the CCAD Market during College PreView.

For many students, experiences outside of the classroom are just as important—living in a dorm, eating at the dining hall, making new friends, and exploring Columbus all help give students a complete picture of life as a CCAD student.

College PreView gave Anna D’Amico a glimpse of life away from home, something she had never experienced before.

“[College] PreView gave me a much better idea of what campus life and classes would be like at CCAD,” D’Amico said. “I think it was a really important step in proving to myself that I would be OK living on my own.”

Now a sophomore in Illustration at CCAD, D’Amico lives with two friends that she met at College PreView and keeps in touch with several others.

“My favorite part overall had to be meeting young artists,” D’Amico said. “[College] PreView was the first time that I was really able to click with someone my own age after just a short conversation.”

The only downside? Going back to high school, D’Amico said.

“I just couldn’t wait to get back to CCAD!”

D’Amico is from Cincinnati, OH, where she attended Wyoming High School, and Shamy is from Powell, OH, where she attended Olentangy Liberty High School.

Check out what other College PreView students had to say about their experience.


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