CCAD Initiates A+ Art Educators Awards

March 13th, 2014 by Amanda Pierce
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Cinematic Arts sophomore Sean Dunn wrote notes of thanks to three of his high school art teachers.

Though Animation junior Tara Nester admits that her high school art teacher Mr. Wargowski was “a little zany,” she credits him with introducing her to a whole new world of art.

“He made me try art forms I’d never tried before,” she said.

Nestor was one of about 90 outstanding students who were asked to reconnect with and recognize former art educators with an A+ Art Educators Award, given to educators who were influential in students’ creative growth and, for some, in their decision to attend CCAD.

Cat Sheridan, director of continuing and professional studies at CCAD, said the idea behind the awards is simple, but meaningful: “I wanted to find a way to thank our extended family of high school art educators, as they often go without thanks.”

Students gathered in the Canzani lobby in February to handwrite letters to their former art teachers. Personalized awards made in CCAD’s Fab Lab in the shape of the campus ART sign will be sent with the letters on March 15 to about 140 teachers.

“It’s nice to really sit down and think about what they did to help me get from there to here,” said Sean Dunn, a sophomore in Cinematic Arts who attended Palmyra Macedon High School in Palmyra, NY.

Dunn wrote letters to three of his high school teachers, one of whom sparked his interest in video editing and cinematography, which lead to his decision to major in Cinematic Arts at CCAD.

Sheridan said the students were more than happy to recognize their high school teachers.

“They seemed to really understand and be enthusiastic about what we’re trying to do,” Sheridan said. “They understand that [teaching] is not the most glorious job, but it’s so important.”

Nester is from Cuyahoga Falls, OH, where she attended Cuyahoga High School.

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