Classnotes: March 2014 Issue

March 19th, 2014 by Amanda Pierce
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March 2014 Class Notes

Classnotes March 2014

We do our best to get most of the news you submit to us onto the CCAD News Blog, but because there are more than 10,000 of you making news all over the world, not everything can make it into the blog. We’re glad to have another venue where we can share everything with you—this newsletter’s classnotes.

You can submit classnotes via the easy-to-use form on the alumni landing page. We only post career-related successes, awards, exhibitions, and publications, but we’d also love to know when you move, get married, or have children—just use that same form.

Now, without further ado, your classnotes from December, January, and February.

David Gaadt ’69 illustrated one of the covers of the bestselling young adult book Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. He also illustrated covers for Airborn and Skybreaker, both by Kenneth Oppel.

Ron Miller ’70 is completing his 58th book, The Art of Space, a collection of art inspired by space travel and astronomy by artists from around the world. His book Recentering the Universe is nominated for the 2014 Library of Virginia Literary Award for nonfiction.

Gary McAllister ’72 had work in (un)Still Life, an exhibition at the Coconino Center for the Arts in Flagstaff, AZ. Read more here.

Michael Shirley ’72 teaches art, graphic design, photography, and computer graphics at Crossland High School in Temple Hills, MD. Shirley is also the site director for Camp Moss Hollow, a residential camp for at-risk youth run by Family Matters of Greater Washington, D.C..

Branding agency Ologie, founded by Bev Ryan ’86, took home 14 awards at the Columbus ADDY awards. Read more here.

Roxanne Smith-Mansell ’87, Julie Abijanac ’92, Andrew Ina ’06, and Amy Cubberly-Yeager ’13 had work in the Ohio Art League’s Thumb Box exhibition. Read more here.

Paul Hamilton ’88 and Amy (Tucker) Hamilton ’91 were featured in the fall issue of Anthology. Read more here.

Artwork by Laura Sanders ’88 was featured on a mug sent out by the Pizzuti Companies to business partners in December. Read more here.

Mandy Root-Thompson ’91 is in graduate school for medical illustration at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Read more here.

Daniel Hopper ’94 was featured in New West Coast Design 2 at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design. Read more here.

Hiroshi Hayakawa ’95, Charlotte Belland ’97, Cyrus Fire ’00, Brian Williams ’03, Thom Glick ’04, Christine D’Epiro Abbott ’05, Kelly Nye ’06, Brent Payne ’06, Boryana Rusenova-Ina ’06, Jeffrey Knick ’08, and Nicki Strouss ’08 had work included in the CCAD Continuing & Professional Studies faculty exhibition at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Read more here.

Illustrations by Bruno Grizzo ’96 were featured in the December issue of Town & Country magazine. Read more here.

Susan Li O’Connor ’96 participated in a StoryCorps interview about the Columbus Museum of Art that is now archived at the Library of Congress. Read more here.

Eric Homan ’98 made a documentary short, Hope & Strength: Life after Miscarriages, that will be broadcast in India on Medi BizTV. Read more here.

Amanda Morley ’02 illustrated the February 2014 cover of Highlights for Children. Visit her website for more information.

Nicholas Nihira ’02 received an Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award. Read more here.

Mitch Tennison ’02 created Sandbol, a new game designed specifically for playing on sand. Read more here.

Danielle Dean Palmer ’03 was given the Spotlight Award in a special issue of Diffusion magazine. Read more here.

The class blog of elementary school art teacher Zach Stoller ’04 was named best of the year by the Art of Education. Read more here.

Jacob Dehus ’05 and Virginia Birchfield ’09 had work in The Modern Table: Ohio Furniture Designers at the Riffe Gallery. Read more here.

Fawn Veerasunthorn ’05, Alex Alvarado ’11, and Darren Simpson ’11 worked on the Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning Disney animated film Frozen. Read more here.

An outdoor mural by Joe Lombardo ’06 is on display in Columbus’ Short North Arts District. Read more here.

Jason Wolff ’06 was featured on WOSU’s Broad & High in December. Read more here.

Jamie Dicus ’07 was featured in the March issue of Food Network magazine for her handmade bacon cufflinks. Read more here.

Andrew Burleigh ’08 contributed to footwear designs that won the 2013 Footwear Plus Award for design excellence. Read more here.

Andrea Buccasso ’09 was awarded the PAVE (Planning and Visual Education Partnership) Rising Star  for her work at FITCH, a global retail firm in Columbus. Read more here.

Madeleine Etter ’09 and Quinn Kellogg ’10 had work in the RAW Artists Columbus showcase at Skully’s Music Diner. Read more here.

Barbara Benas ’10 was the lead animator on the Beatles’ Words of Love, a new music video produced by international animation studio Passion. Read more here.

Tyler Mele ’10 was the 3D animator for Safe and Free, a campaign for Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). Read more here.

Chavilah Bennett ’12 was featured in an article in the February issue of 614 magazine and had her work for EXPRESS featured on Times Square in New York City. Read more here and here.

Leah Fisher ’12 had her first solo exhibition at the City Center Gallery in Columbus, OH.

Chelsea Proctor ’12 is now working as the assistant manager of Buckeye Ceramic Supply.

Art by class of 2013 alumni Alora Donahue, Travis Hayes, and Krista Sison was chosen by Target to hang in their newest distribution center in West Jefferson, OH. Read more here.

Kassie Haji ’13 won a design contest and traveled to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, where her winning look was showcased. Read more here.

Greg Ponchak ’13 was featured at ROY G BIV Gallery in January and in the exhibition IMAGEOhio 14. Read more here and here.

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