Love of Shoes Propelled Sa’Nasha Gent into Fashion

March 19th, 2014 by Amanda Pierce
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Sa'Nasha Gent

Sa’Nasha Gent. Photo by Amanda Pierce

Sa’Nasha Gent’s love affair with shoes began in ninth grade. She was mesmerized by a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps and has been sketching, buying, and dreaming about designing shoes ever since.

Almost nine years, three closets of shoes, and several sketchbooks later, Sa’Nasha finds herself nearing the end of her career at CCAD.

Though she admits it might have made a little more sense to major in Industrial Design, a more traditional path for someone so set on shoe design, she said her decision to pursue fashion was purposeful.

“I figured that I would be better off learning how to design clothes and then get to shoes later,” Sa’Nasha said.

After graduating from Reynoldsburg High School, Sa’Nasha took a year off to build her portfolio and hone what has become one of her strongest skills as a designer: sketching.


Sa’Nasha drew several variations of each garment. Photo by Amanda Pierce

“I drew every day,” she said. “Sketching is so important, and I never realized that until [senior] collection.”

As she began to collect swatches and inspiration over the summer for her senior collection, Sa’Nasha filled entire pages in her sketchbook with slight variations of the same garment—pants with different embellishments and seams, and tops with varying sleeve lengths, shapes, styles, and silhouettes.

“If I can’t execute something when I’m constructing, [I always have] variations,” she said. “It gives me the ability to mix and match to see what I like best.”

Her gray- and black-hued collection exudes strength, integrating geometric shapes and structured pieces reminiscent of metal armor, her primary inspiration.

Two of her looks feature strong structural elements—the shoulders on a gray crop top are capped with pointy pops of silver made of Palladium Alloy, a vinyl material resembling sheet metal that Sa’Nasha had never used before, and a jagged leather trim gives an edge to the zipper on an otherwise simple black skirt.

“I don’t design light,” Sa’Nasha said. “My designs are out there a bit.”

Armor detail

Armor-inspired detail. Photo by Amanda Pierce

After a year of intense designing and construction, she said she’s finding a comfortable medium between sketching practically, within her skill set and budget, and letting her pen and imagination run wild.

“I’ve learned through [working on my] collection that when you design, you always have to think about how you’re going to construct it,” she said. “You could have this completely gorgeous dress but if you don’t know how to put it together, it’s kind of useless.”

Sa’Nasha will premier her senior collection on the runway on May 9—Pick up your tickets today before they’re gone. (And you better believe she’s accessorizing with some killer shoes.)

Sa’Nasha is from Columbus, OH, and attended Reynoldsburg High School.

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