Ryun Harrison’s Collection Reflects Journey at CCAD

March 26th, 2014 by Amanda Pierce
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Ryun Harrison. Photo by Amanda Pierce

Ryun Harrison. Photo by Amanda Pierce

Ryun Harrison’s senior collection is a juxtaposition—dark and light, heavy and airy, male and female.

Inspired by the magpie bird that builds its nest from found objects, Lament of a Magpie is an amalgam of stories, identities, and techniques collected during Ryun’s four-year journey at CCAD.

Lament of a Magpie is an examination of how we construct our identities,” Ryun said. “We’re all built by an array of difference. I wanted to create different identities but still have one story.”

His androgynous five-look collection is both easy and adventurous, with chunky knit scarves, cardigans, and tunics designed to mix and match.

“I really wanted to have an intermingling of pieces,” Ryun said. My customers “have their own groove. They don’t abide by trend. They just kind of wear what they want.”

Ryun developed many of his textiles. He created his own prints using natural dying techniques such shibori, a Japanese method of dying cloth with a pattern; and produced his own knitwear with machine knitting, a skill that he learned and came to love at CCAD.

Engineered print

Ryun engineered two prints for his collection. Photo by Amanda Pierce

The engineered prints in two of his collection’s looks were inspired by sci-fi movies and his own unique style.

“My personal style is dark and macabre with a hint of kitsch,” he said. “I like wearing lots of black but at the same time I love color and prints in general.”

One of the prints, clusters of snakes and skulls arranged on white and green stripes, was pieced together using collages that were scanned and then digitally manipulated.

“I liked being able to merge the traditional with the digital,” Ryun said.

As much as his collection is a reflection of himself and his experiences, Ryun said that what he loves most about being a designer is the opportunity to be a part of someone else’s story through his clothing.

“I love being a part of someone’s wardrobe, a part of their style, a part of their life,” Ryun said.

Urban Outfitters T-shirts designed by Ryun Harrison

Urban Outfitters T-shirts designed by Ryun Harrison

He caught a glimpse of life as a designer as an intern for Urban Outfitters last summer when two T-shirts he designed for the company sold out within the first week of being available.

“[My internship] was a really cool way for me to be able to experience the [fashion] business on a mass scale,” Ryun said. “Being a part of that and creating work that was being sold [was] great.”

Experience Ryun’s collection on the runway May 9. Tickets are on sale now, with early purchase pricing available through March 31.

Ryun is from Alpharetta, GA, where he attended Alpharetta High School.

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