Gearing Up for a Career: Prepping for the Directions Career Fair!

April 1st, 2014 by Student Blogger
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A mock-up of my business card design so far. Not sure if this is the final design though, hmm...

A mock-up of my business card design so far. Not sure if this is the final design though, hmm…

By Colleen Clark

Every year, CCAD hosts a huge career fair called Directions for the graduating seniors. Every senior is invited and encouraged to go, and everyone who signs up gets their own table. Employers walk around, visiting each table, checking out portfolios, and taking away samples of the work in forms of business cards, prints, and postcards. This means that a good postcard design (and good print collateral in general) could be the difference between you and someone else getting that dream job.

In my Senior Illustration Portfolio class, we’ve been designing our business cards, postcards, letterhead, resume, cover letter, mailing addresses, and other print material for a while now to prepare us (Whew!). It seems like a lot, but the pay-off when you have a good presentation is worth the work. The goal is to show your contact information clearly, display your logo/colors, and hopefully show off some of your skills.

I have seen my peers do AMAZING things with their little leave-behind materials, designing small pieces of paper to show lots of creativity and ingenuity. If you’re talented and hard-working, your portfolio should speak for itself. But a business card that someone wants to save and pin to their wall never hurts!

Check out what some of my friends have done in the gallery below: Holly Shell (Illustration, Class of 2014) made SEVEN different patterns for the backs of her cards. Emily Graham (Illustration, Class of 2014) made the illustration on the front interact with the logo and information on the back. Andrew Peña and Dorian Lafferre (both also Illustration and Class of 2014) have photos of all their different print pieces together, showing how a well-designed and cohesive personal brand looks ultra professional. These are just a small sample of the many, many creative examples you’ll see from our seniors this year.

Colleen Clark is a CCAD senior majoring in Illustration who wishes Star Trek was real. She loves comics, puppies, anything involving Tina Fey, and sharing her art and thoughts through her online blog.

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One Response to “Gearing Up for a Career: Prepping for the Directions Career Fair!”

  1. Sofia Rhodes says:

    Creating such fairs give the students the right part in choosing their careers and enhancing their skills right from the time they enroll in CCAD. I also appreciate the works which are shown in the article and would like to wish your team and students all the very best for your brightest futures ahead.