Futuristic, Flirty Collection Shows Nicole Mazur’s Passion for Fashion

April 11th, 2014 by Amanda Pierce
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Nicole Mazur. Photo by Amanda Pierce

Nicole Mazur. Photo by Amanda Pierce

With a musician for a father, Nicole Mazur grew up on the road.

“I grew up traveling to different cities like New York and Toronto,” Nicole said. “I’ve seen all of the fashion capitals. I think that helped me really get into fashion.”

Her travels, combined with a love of drawing and helpful guidance from her mother and grandmother, made fashion design a natural choice when she came to CCAD.

“The idea of choosing any fabric and creating a wearable piece of art from it blew my mind in an unforgettable way,” Nicole said. “I knew that fashion was my calling.”

Nicole’s senior collection, called Mademoiselle, is personal. It combines everything she loves and everything she’s learned into a cohesive, ready-to-wear collection that’s futuristic and flirty, and designed to make the wearer feel as good as they look.

“I want those wearing my garments to feel invincible and euphoric when they walk into a room,” Nicole said. “[My collection] exemplifies true beauty.”

Nicole looked to prints and graphics popular in Asian street wear as she designed her collection over the summer. She chose a color palette of dusty pinks and blues and looked to style blogs to help select on-trend fabrics and prints.

Screen printing

Screen printing detail. Photo by Amanda Pierce

Varying construction techniques and fabric textures create variety in her three runway looks—a screen printed mini dress, a knit sweater paired with an Aztec-print skirt, and a sheer tank with an iridescent vinyl panel paired with a sequin-clad skirt.

Nicole made her favorite garment, the knit sweater, in a specialty class earlier in the year. She made her own pattern, learned how to use the knitting machine (“it was a nightmare!”), and added beaded fringe to mimic the iridescence in one of her tops.

While Nicole’s final collection is cohesive, she said that staying committed to her original designs for an entire year was a challenge.

“You see so many other fashion trends that are coming out and other ideas that come to mind, but you still have to stick with this one idea that you came up with over the summer,” Nicole said. 

Despite all challenges, Nicole is proud of what she has done.

“It takes a lot of time, patience, and effort to make something look just the way you want it and sometimes it takes forever to get there,” Nicole said. “But the feeling when you finally achieve that is unlike any other.”


Nicole’s sketchbook. Photo by Amanda Pierce

After graduation, Nicole has her sights set on New York City. While she would love to design for a “fabulous company,” she can also see herself writing for a fashion magazine—a skill that she’s honed over the past four years as she pursued a minor in writing.

“I think it’s really interesting to hear what people have to say about fashion,” Nicole said. “It’s very important to share with the world the impact of fashion in our lives. It’s all around us.”

Nicole’s flirty collection will take to the runway May 9. Will you be there? Tickets are available now.

Nicole is from Buffalo, NY, and attended Nardin Academy.

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