Katsiaryna Khadzko’s Glam-Rock Style Apparent in Senior Collection

April 28th, 2014 by Amanda Pierce
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Kat Khadzko. Photo: Amanda Pierce

Katsiaryna Khadzko.
Photo: Amanda Pierce

Katsiaryna Khadzko’s senior collection was well-planned at the beginning of fall semester. She sketched and gathered inspiration all summer, presented her ideas, and then decided on a glam-inspired collection that incorporated magenta and several other colors.

But during a trip to Chicago in late fall, long after final sketches were due, Katsiaryna fell in love with a sheer striped fabric that altered the course of her whole collection.

“It change my entire collection,” she said. “I was totally inspired by how it looked with the black, gold, and silver.”

When she returned home to Columbus, Katsiaryna went back to the drawing board with renewed inspiration and a clear direction for a revamped collection.

“At first when I was working on my collection, I wasn’t sure where I was going with it. [The new fabric] made me excited about what I was doing,” she said.

What resulted is a predominantly black and gold collection heavily influenced by an edgy style, similar to her own personal style.

“My collection is inspired by glam rock. I was trying to mix myself into this collection,” Kat said. “I do like the rocker style but I’m also very elegant.”

Striped fabric

The striped fabric in this dress changed the entire course of Katsiaryna’s collection.
Photo: Amanda Pierce

The striped fabric is featured in a strapless dress—Katsiaryna’s favorite garment and the cornerstone in her three-piece runway collection. The top portion of the dress is made from a gold silk blend that she had never worked with before her senior collection. The gold silk top and full skirt meet at the waist with an embellished band of metal and ribbon, and a voluminous cropped fur vest with shiny gold embellishments completes the look.

“I was trying to experiment with the textures and weights of different fabrics,” Katsiaryna said. “I try not to play favorites, but I love that dress.”

While the striped dress required the most technical skill, Katsiaryna said another one of her looks took the prize for most time consuming.

Details take center stage in a wool and leather high-low dress with tediously applied gold studs along the bottom hem. Each line of studs took two hours to apply, making the entire process a lengthy one.

As she designed her glam-rock collection, Katsiaryna said she had a specific customer in mind.

“My customer would be an edgy girl who likes to get attention without looking like she’s starving for it,” she said. “My garments are kind of out there. I like to put drama into my clothes.”

Even with the drama, Katsiaryna said several of her pieces could be read-to-wear if paired with the right thing.

Katsiaryna combined different textures in her senior collection.  Photo: Amanda Pierce

Katsiaryna combined different textures in her senior collection.
Photo: Amanda Pierce

“It all depends on the customer. Some of my pieces are ready-to-wear but if you put them together with something else it could be high fashion,” she said.

Katsiaryna considers herself a “spontaneous and adventurous” designer, and said that her versatility makes her well suited for several different career paths after graduation.

“I want to know how everything works in the fashion industry, she said. “It will be a very experimental time in my career.”

After such a successful and influential trip to Chicago in fall, Katsiaryna said she has her eye on the Windy City.

“[Chicago is] as comfortable as Columbus but as big as New York City. It’s just perfect.”

Watch Katsiaryna’s edgy collection rock the runway at the fashion show on May 9. Don’t have your tickets yet? Get on it!

Katsiaryna is from Shawnee, OH, and attended Miller High School.

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