My Remedy for Artist’s Block

April 9th, 2014 by Student Blogger
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By Sakhile Vanqa

Laying on the quad after a good 6 miles.

Laying on the quad after a good six miles.

The cursor is blinking at the end of a paragraph you just managed to get out. You stare at it, hoping it will magically continue and complete the rest of your paper. Then it dawns on you: You have hit a wall, you’ve run dry… you are blocked and have no idea what to put down next.

Mental blocks don’t only hit us when we write, they hit us when we’re creating our pieces of visual art, too. Everyone has a different way of dealing with creative block, for me the best approach is to get out and do something physical.

I used to be very active before I started at college, and was really good at the sports I took part in. Excelling at sports came from enjoying the freedom I felt whenever I  exercised. Whether it was a 200m dash on the track or an individual medley in the pool, it felt awesome. Actually scratch that about the individual medley; the only thing that was on my mind was making it to the end. I took to everything else like it was second nature.

When I started college and I didn’t have the same exercising resources I had had before; I took to cycling whenever I needed a break from the space I was working in. Getting outside allows me to get outside of my head in a way I cannot describe. I’m also able to get some inspiration for future projects if I see something I’m attracted to. I go to the gym in the dorm if the weather doesn’t permit stepping outside—I can’t wait for summer.

My bike posing in Columbus Commons.

My bike posing in Columbus Commons.

Luckily, Columbus and her drivers have an understanding that cyclists are people too, and share the roads with us. Sometimes the drivers aren’t always spatially aware, which means you need to do your part to ensure your safety: indicate your turns and don’t wear earphones.

If I have enough time I love to get lost on my cyclebouts. I’ll take routes I’ve never used, often times to the point where I need the GPS locator on my phone to help me get back to where I started. By the time I get back, I’m ready to take on whatever I was working on and impress the heck out of myself!

Sakhile Vanqa is a junior majoring in Cinematic Arts who enjoys humor, cycling, and aspires to shoot for National Geographic.





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