Some of My Last Weekends as a CCAD Student

April 25th, 2014 by Student Blogger
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By Colleen Clark

Dorian Lafferre (Class of 2014) and I at our shared table at SPACE!

Dorian Lafferre (Class of 2014) and I at our shared table at SPACE!

The past two weekends have been some of my busiest CCAD weekends ever. I didn’t really get any homework done… But I got to sell my work, meet lots of people who work in comics, do a live-reading, AND see my mama, so that’s productive, right?

Two weekends ago, I got to exhibit my work at SPACE (Small Press Alternative Comics Expo), where I sold my comics and artwork. It was great to see what else is out there in the comics world and make connections! I was even invited to do a live-reading afterwards, where I read my intensely personal comics to a room full of people. It was incredibly nerve-wracking, but people laughed when I wanted them to and not when I didn’t want them to and I took that as a good sign.

The next weekend I ventured out to Pittsburgh with my best friend Bekah Nunn (who happens to be CCAD Class of 2012 and CCAD Admissions faculty) to visit my mom and my aunt, who met us half-way from DC. It was the first time I had seen my mom since winter break, and therefore the longest time I have ever gone without seeing her in MY WHOLE LIFE! It was great to see her and to explore a new city with the people I love most.

Take a look at some photos of my weekends below!

Colleen Clark is a CCAD senior majoring in Illustration who wishes Star Trek was real. She loves comics, puppies, anything involving Tina Fey, and sharing her art and thoughts through her online blog.

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