The Griffith Faculty Excellence Fund

April 8th, 2014 by IMAGE Magazine
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Denny smiling

Denny Griffith

For 16 years, Denny Griffith has led CCAD through transformational change. Now, on the cusp of his retirement, the board of trustees has created a fund that will advance the college far beyond his tenure.

“You can have great buildings, but if you don’t have even better people to go in them, then the buildings don’t matter. And we’ve got really, really good people here,” says President Griffith. “I feel great about using the conclusion of my time here as sort of a crystalline moment to do something that would be really meaningful and permanently sustain faculty excellence. And it’ll grow over time.”

Our goal is to raise $2 million for an endowment to reward our best and most active faculty and to support visiting artists, designers, and scholars.

  1. Merit pay to support faculty innovation in the everyday
  2. Grants for faculty research to support work that leads to significant contributions in faculty members’ fields
  3. Fellowships and residencies for visiting faculty to attract new talent from a variety of disciplines and geographic locations

CCAD faculty give their best. They deserve ours. Please visit URL or use the card in this issue to make your gift to the Griffith Faculty Excellence Fund.

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