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July 2nd, 2014 by Off-Campus Study Blogger
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Abby heading off to orientation

Abby heading off to orientation

By Abby Staley

I’m Abby Staley, a junior Fashion Design Major at CCAD currently studying at the University of the Arts London Fashion Summer School. When I first arrived in London, I was excited but extremely nervous as this would be my first time traveling abroad. Since I arrived a week before my program began, I had time to adjust to the time difference.

The neighborhood where I am living is very central and a close walk to a few of the London College of Fashion buildings. In addition, the Tube station is a two-minute walk which makes it easy to get to other classes.

My first day of orientation started on June 16. I could hardly wait for this day because I was excited to learn about the new challenges I would encounter during my time at UAL.

Everyone was very helpful at orientation and I found the Tube to be very easy, especially because my roommates and I had orientation together. During orientation, we were given our schedules, student IDs, and information about all the buildings and the nearest Tube station. I usually have one or two classes in one day, Monday through Friday.

During the first class I attended, the teacher gave us a series of letters that contained different directions to various stops around London. As a visual learner, this was very exciting for me, because exploring and seeing actual artwork is more helpful than being in a classroom.

Taking a stroll by Parliment

Taking a stroll by Parliament

In my 3D class, we will be creating a piece that connects to your head, neck, forearm, or shoulder. I am very interested in this class because, until now, I have not used most of the materials that I will be working with.

We will also be doing 3D models in paper and then translating them to another material like leather, sinamy, or vacuum forming. This class really excites me because I am interested in hat making—the different things you can do with sculptural fabric is amazing!

Everyday my roommates and I venture off to see new parts of London. It’s been great finding the coolest shops, graffiti, street fashion, markets, architecture, and so much more. I especially love the unique fabric stores.

I plan to travel to other places while I’m here and Ryan Air is a great (and cheap) way to see other places. In a few days, we are off to Paris for a week!

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