My Time in London Just Keeps Getting Better!

July 21st, 2014 by Off-Campus Study Blogger
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Abby heading off for a weekend adventure

Abby heading off for a weekend adventure

By Abby Staley

I only have three weeks left in London, and I am nowhere near being ready to leave. This has been the best place to find inspiration.

This week marked my second week in the Collection & Portfolio class that I am taking. Designing page layouts has always been one of my struggles so the first week I found myself becoming very frustrated. By the second week, I had gotten some great feedback from my teacher to help make my work stronger. Working through my initial frustrations helped me practice skills that ended up making my page layouts much stronger.

It doesn’t matter how many times I take illustration classes—I always learn something new. My teacher was great about helping me find a way to translate my designs onto paper. We did tons of exercises that, in the moment, didn’t make sense and felt a bit crazy. Later, I realized how much they helped me.

The other class I am taking deals with styling. In this class, we were given the theme Sport Lux and told to pick four complete looks for our class partner. We also got to photograph our partners in the outfits, which was a great opportunity. When I was introduced to this project, I was thrilled! Who doesn’t like to shop for someone else? Until now, I didn’t realize how interested I was in styling.

Before I left for London, CCAD helped me to connect with a CCAD alumna who lives and works in London. This past week, I was able to connect with her. While she is not a fashion designer, I enjoyed my time with her and was fascinated to hear about how she got a job in advertising in London. She gave me tons of pointers to prepare me for the “real world.” It was nice to talk with someone who was once in my shoes at CCAD. We talked about how much CCAD has improved and how much it has grown. Her office is located in Shoreditch, an area where I got to see what local shops and designers are doing.

On Friday, a few classmates and I took a two-day trip to Amsterdam. My initial thought after arriving was that everything looked futuristic. Combine that with the Dutch language, and I felted like I was looking into the future. The people in Amsterdam didn’t seem as hurried and had a carefree way about them, which is very different from the high-energy pace in London. My favorite things about Amsterdam were canals. It was so peaceful to sit on the ledge and watch people come and go on boats. I don’t think I have ever seen so many boat houses. Every day we took a ferry from our hotel to go site seeing.

It was a fun getaway for the weekend, but after two days I was ready to come home to London. It’s funny how London feels like home to me.

Tot de volgende keer, Amsterdam! (Until next time Amsterdam).

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