CCAD Campus

Residence Life Staff

CCAD's on-campus housing is managed and staffed by the director of Residence Life, the residential community coordinator, and resident advisors.

The role of the resident advisor is to ensure the safety and security of all residents of the buildings, provide educational, personal, and professional assistance when appropriate, and provide appropriate referrals.

The reception desks at Design Square Apartments and Schottenstein Residence Hall are open 24 hours a day during normal college operations and are supervised by resident advisors, desk assistants, and CCAD security officers.

Director of Residence Life


Mickey Hart
Office: Design Square Apartments
Email l housing AT ccad DOT edu

Residential Community Coordinator

Jennifer Bermúdez
Office: Schottenstein Residence Hall

Schottenstein Residence Hall: 614.222.3240

Resident Advisors

Tim Frey
Suite: 106

Caitlin Wolle
Suite: 208

Samantha McLaughlin
Suite: 208

AJ Rothert
Suite: 106

Cailey Tervo
Suite: 308

Komikka Patton
Suite: 308

Jon Yurek
Suite: 408

Austin Howard
Suite: 408

Design Square Apartments: 614.453.2000

Resident Advisors


Jared Sanford
Apt: 204

Callie Whiteman
Apt: 204


Kirsten Coleman
Apt: 305


Oriana Hirschberg
Apt: 505


Sakhile Vanqa
Apt: 505


2014-2015 Resident Advisor Recruitment Process

RA Application packet available for download:  

Job description (PDF)
Overview letter (PDF)
Candidate application (PDF)
Reference form (PDF)