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Photography (Digital), course

Photography (Digital), course

Instructor: Helen Hoffelt
Dates/Times: Mondays, 9/16 - 12/9, 7:00 - 9:45 pm
Price: $400.00

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Digital photography is a fascinating
technology that has changed the way
photographers create images with a new
sense of imagination. Turn your digital
camera into an artist's tool and learn
the difference between taking a picture
and creating art! In this course, you will
explore and apply unique capabilities
that combine technology with artistic
expression and visual communication.
Explore the basics of digital
photography, equipment, software,
printing, and personal applications,
layer and manipulate images to create
unique and fascinating imagery, learn
to instantly review an image and
quickly make adjustments. You will be
encouraged to use creative photographic
problem solving and to expand the range
of your own personal artistic vision.
Interesting and fun uses for images and
current contexts will also be discussed
and explored. You will have access to a
computer lab during class, but you must
provide your own digital camera and
USB storage drive.

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