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Employers want to hire graduates who have work experience, have proven their talents in a professional setting, and can display professional art in their portfolios. Internships provide the needed experience and allow students to continue developing their career goals. While internships are required for Industrial Design and Interior Design majors, other majors highly encourage internships with optional ways to meet those requirements.

Check for posted internships opportunities or to set-up an internship on your own.

Information for Businesses

In order for a position to count as an internship it must meet the following:

Criteria for Internships

  • The duration of the position must be over the duration of a full semester (12-16 weeks).
  • The internship includes at least 240 on-site work hours completed during the semester. No “virtual” experiences.
  • The work must be directly related to a student’s major area of study.
  • There must be an industry professional within the field of the student’s major to serve as a mentor/supervisor to guide the student throughout the entire internship.
  • There must be learning components and goals that are defined and outlined with the student to complete on their internship.
  • Internship providers will need to complete an endterm evaluation on the student.
  • Submit a Site Application for your internship position to be approved and to be included in an ongoing list of approved, credit-eligible internship opportunities for CCAD students. This application must be filled out one-time per internship site.

Businesses participating in CCAD’s internship fair (held in fall) must be hiring interns meeting the criteria above within the current school year, and submit a full job description to for approval. Visit the events calendar for for the Internship Fair date and details.

Information for Students

Internship Search Tips

Research Companies Within Your Major

  • Visit the Resources Page and download the Careers & Majors guides (listed by major).
  • Create a spreadsheet to organize company/contact information, prepare for application deadlines, and make notes on next steps with each employer.
  • Schedule an appointment with Career Services by stopping in the office on the first floor of Design Studios on Broad, calling 614.222.4045 or via email.

Register on

We encourage all employers that we work with to post opportunities on our online job board to reach all eligible students. It will be important to maintain your account with a current resume including a portfolio link and up to date contact information. You may set up a “search agent” to receive email updates on positions that meet your criteria.

Attend the Internship & Job Fair

The Internship & Job Fair is held in fall. Participation requires an updated resume, and you may be asked to schedule a meeting with Career Services if your resume requires extensive revisions. Date, time, and other details about the event are posted on the CCAD events calendar as they become available.

Utilize Internship Search Websites

In a one-on-one advising session, Career Services will provide a list of suggested internship search sites in addition to

Choosing an Opportunity

Prepare Your Material

Individual Career Advising

Talk over your goals and generate ideas on employers of interest in an advising session. Bring your resume and cover letter for review after following the guidelines above.

Mock Interviews

Schedule a mock interview to prepare for any upcoming phone, virtual, or in-person interviews with prospective employers. Receive feedback on your responses to standard interview questions as well as presentation of your work.

Paid and For Credit Opportunities

Internships can be paid, for credit, or both. If you elect to pursue an opportunity that is both unpaid and not for credit, it is your responsibility to negotiate your responsibilities and learning objectives with the employer to ensure a beneficial experience.

Credit Requirements

See credit requirement information above within the Information for Businesses section. Speak to your Academic Adviser about whether your major requires that you complete an internship for credit and be certain to complete all steps within the application packet.

Department of Labor Fact Sheet (pdf).

CCAD Interns Are Everywhere …

  • 4 Kids Productions (NY)
  • Abercrombie & Fitch (OH)
  • American Greetings (OH)
  • Armstrong (PA)
  • Big Swell Design (Virgin Islands)
  • Cabinet Works (SC)
  • Coleman (KS)
  • Concept Int’l Design (Thailand)
  • Continental Office (OH)
  • Creative Alliance (KY)
  • Disney Design Group (FL)
  • Doner Advertising (MI)
  • Esta Amalgamation, Ltd. (Russia)
  • Express (NY)
  • F&W Publications (OH)
  • Fitch (OH)
  • GSW Worldwide (OH)
  • Hallmark (MO)
  • Hewlett Packard (TX)
  • Honda (OH)
  • Hornack Communications (NH)
  • Interads Limited (India)
  • John Ryan Company (MN)
  • Limited Brands (OH)
  • Klasky Csupo (CA)
  • Kraftmaid (OH)
  • Longaberger (OH)
  • McGraw Hill (OH)
  • Mills James Productions (OH)
  • NBBJ (OH)
  • Procter & Gamble (OH)
  • PromoWest (OH)
  • Rubbermaid (OH)
  • Scotts (OH)
  • SOS Productions (OH)
  • Storage Solutions (China)
  • Time Warner (OH)
  • Umati Creations (Kenya)
  • Upshot (IL)
  • URS Corporation (OH)
  • Victoria’s Secret (OH)
  • Wendy’s (OH)
  • Zeno Games (OH)
  • Zondra Rhodes (England)

Career Services Contact:
email | careers AT ccad DOT edu | 614.222.4045 | fax 614.222.4034