College Services

On Campus Student Employment (OCSE)

On Campus Student Employment is available in all CCAD labs (3-D, ceramics, computer, fashion, glassblowing, illustration, industrial design, interior design, jewelry, printmaking, sculpture, photography, media arts, and woodworking), facilities management, galleries, library, offices, student centers and residences, or as teaching assistants. All jobs pay an hourly wage higher than the national minimum wage. Students can work up to 15 hours per week during the regular school year and up to 40 hours per week during the summer. Federal Work Study is part of OCSE. The Financial Aid office sends notification of Federal Work Study awards as applicable.

Job postings are ongoing at with the majority of openings appearing in early August before the start of the new school year. Call or email the supervisor listed on the job posting to schedule an interview. Upon acceptance for employment, the supervisor will provide and sign an application.

Submit signed applications to One-Stop Student Services staff and complete government tax documents at that time. Remember the necessary work documents, usually a driver’s license and Social Security card, when preparing to come to school. International students should check with the international student advisor in the Admissions Office to ensure mandatory documentation.

All student employees are expected to be familiar with the policies and procedures contained within the student employee handbook, which may be downloaded here  Student Employee Handbook (pdf).

If you have questions about the handbook or student employment contact the Human Resources office by email (humanresources AT ccad DOT edu) or phone 614.222.4036.