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Counseling & Wellness Center Q&A

What exactly is counseling and how can it help me?

A common misconception is that a counselor or therapist fixes the problems of people who are unable, unwilling, or too weak to do it themselves. This thinking is wrong for two reasons.

First, counselors are trained to provide a supportive, therapeutic, and challenging environment in which you can work to deal with your own problems by identifying your obstacles and developing new skills to cope with them. Whether you are grappling with the death of a loved one, adjusting to the demands of college, or fighting depression, counseling gives you new tools to use to deal with your situation. Counseling does not “fix” the problems—it gives you resources and tools to manage and lessen the impact of your difficulties.

Second, everyone, from all walks of life and backgrounds, will at some time find themselves faced with challenges that strain or exceed their ability to manage their difficulties on their own. Seeking counseling services and the support of others in that situation is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness or inadequacy. Often the unbiased perspective of trained counselor or therapist allows people to examine their distress in a new light; this can be a huge help in dealing with life’s difficulties.

How do I make my first appointment?

You can schedule first-time appointments, or “intake,” by contacting Counseling & Wellness Services at 614.222.4044 or by completing this form. Messages left will be returned as soon as possible, typically within one business day. The office is located in the Student Affairs office at the end of the Student Affairs hallway of the Crane Center. The availability of the counseling staff varies, so walk-in appointments cannot be guaranteed. Evening appointments are available on a limited basis. If you are experiencing an urgent problem outside normal business hours or on a CCAD holiday, call the 24-hour mental health emergency hotline through Netcare Access at 614.276.2273.

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What will my first appointment be like?

An initial intake appointment helps you learn about the services provided on campus and how they could help you reach your goals. It does not mean you will have to continue with regular counseling.

Intake appointments last approximately 30 minutes and allow the counseling staff to assess your concerns and work with you to decide which mental health services, on- or off-campus, might be most helpful to you. This is done through an open conversation about your concerns and goals.

If services through the Counseling & Wellness Center seem like a good idea, we will link you with a counselor who fits your needs. (You may or may not work with the staff member you talk with for your intake appointment). CCAD contracts with several highly qualified, independently licensed mental health professionals to ensure that the diverse needs of students are carefully addressed. They meet with students in the confidential setting of the Counseling & Wellness Center.

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Will others at CCAD know I'm metting with a counselor?

Absolutely not. Counseling records are kept secure in the counseling office and are not a part of your academic records at CCAD. No instructors, other students, family, or staff have access to the records or have any way of knowing who is using our services. Students seeing a counselor would need to sign a form to allow their counselor to have any contact whatsoever with CCAD faculty, staff, family, or others. (The main exception to this is if you are at risk for hurting yourself or others, in which case we will contact Campus Safety & Security and the proper authorities to keep you and others safe).

Our services are primarily targeted toward students who seek counseling services on a voluntary basis; however, in some cases we work with students who are required to get counseling as a result of legal or disciplinary action. In those cases, students are typically required to sign a release of information form in order for the counseling office to have contact with the referral source as needed.

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What if I need prescription medication for my symptoms? Can I get a prescription from Counseling & Wellness?

There is a part-time psychiatric consultant on the Counseling & Wellness Center staff who can help you if you need a psychiatric evaluation and medication prescription—but you have to have an on-going relationship with a CCAD counselor first. If you are already working with a counselor, you can discuss your interest in psychiatric services with that counselor. If you are not currently in counseling, contact Counseling & Wellness Services by phone 614.222.4044 or by completing this form to schedule an intake appointment. Psychiatric evaluation and medication management services are free for enrolled CCAD students, but you’ll have to pay for any prescription medicines.

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How much does it cost to use the counseling center?

All enrolled CCAD students get 12 free counseling sessions per academic year. Enrolled students can also get free psychiatric services on an as-needed basis, but you have to be referred by a CCAD therapist that you are already working with. You do have to pay for any prescription medications. If you miss a scheduled appointment or do not cancel an appointment with at least 24 hours advance notice, you will have to pay a fee.

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Are counseling services available to faculty and staff at CCAD?

At this time, counseling services are only available for current enrolled CCAD students. However, Counseling & Wellness can assist with referring faculty and staff to other services. Faculty and staff with CCAD benefits can also talk to their health insurance provider or to the Human Resources office to access the Employee Assistance Program resources supplied by the college. Faculty and staff without CCAD benefits can consult Central Ohio Resources, which provides information about some mental health and recovery treatment options in central Ohio.

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I’ve been in counseling, in a residential or day-treatment program, or hospitalized for mental health reasons in the past. What does Counseling & Wellness need to know about my previous treatment?

Being open about your previous treatment or other history helps CCAD counselors to plan and provide the best care possible for you. If you have received mental health or substance abuse services elsewhere, we will usually ask you to sign a release form so we can contact your previous providers.

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What should I do if I think I’m having a mental health emergency?

Call Netcare at 614.276.2273 or Suicide Prevention Services at 614.221.5445 if you are having thoughts about hurting yourself or others, or if you feel your concerns are so urgent that you cannot wait to speak with counseling staff during the next business day. If you feel like you might hurt yourself or others soon, you should immediately call 911 or report to the nearest emergency room. CCAD Safety & Security (614.222.6165) can help you get in touch with counseling staff if an urgent need arises after normal business hours or on weekends. Safety & Security can also take you to a hospital or crisis center if you need more services than the CCAD Counseling & Wellness Center can provide.

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CWC Contact: 614.222.4044 to schedule an appointment with a counselor.