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  • Session 2 begins
    Jul 06, 2015
  • Last day to drop/withdraw from individuals classes without failure for session 2
    Jul 08, 2015
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    Jul 10, 2015


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Guidelines for Independent Study

Independent study opportunities are intended to enrich, augment or occasionally remedy deficits in a student’s degree plan. The opportunity to study independently with a faculty member should be limited to students in good standing, who, in the faculty member’s opinion, are able to organize their own studies, follow through with assignments and work independently with limited mentoring. Typically, these opportunities will be available only to juniors and seniors.

Only full-time faculty members are eligible to accept independent studies, and no more than three in a semester. Students are limited to no more than three credits of independent study in one semester; total of six during the BFA program.

Independent Study Form (PDF)

Advising Contact: email I 614.222.3295