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College Services

Deferred Payment Plan

Deferred payment plans are available through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) and through CCAD. The plan supplied by TMS is available on a semester or annual basis. The monthly payment option allows students and families to spread out their annual academic expenses over 10, nine, or eight equal monthly payments with no interest. The cost for this service is a $65 enrollment fee.

When choosing the 10-payment plan option, the first payment is due on July 1 with consecutive payments due on the first of each month through April.

Payments for the nine payment option begin Aug. 1. Payments for the eight payment plan begin Sept. 1.

Brochures explaining the plans and application are available at One-Stop Student Services or by contacting Tuition Management Systems toll free at 800.722.4867 or www.afford.com.

Reminder: Due to the fact that tuition and mandatory fees and varying lab fees are approved after budgets may be established with Tuition Management Systems, it is extremely important that you look closely at your statement of fees when it is received to be sure that your budget with TMS is enough to cover your semester charges. Please compare your budget to the tuition and fee amounts indicated. Budget adjustments can be made by calling TMS or the Bursar’s Office.

For extenuating circumstances you may apply for a payment plan directly with CCAD. Application for CCAD’s deferred payment plan should be made well in advance of the payment deadline prior to the beginning of each term. For more information, please call 614.222.3295. This plan carries a $40 fee per semester.

If your tuition and fee account is sent to a collection agency, you will be responsible not only for the tuition and fees that you owe to CCAD, but you will also be responsible for the collection agency costs that you have incurred. Any unpaid debt is considered to be an educational loan.

Bursar Contact: email I 614.222.3295