College Services

Refund Policy

If you drop classes or withdraw from CCAD, you may get some of your tuition and fees back. But changing your course schedule after the registration deadline will also result in fees and penalties being charged to you. In addition, your financial aid, grants, and scholarships can be affected.

Contact the Financial Aid office before you make any decisions — we will help you consider all the potential consequences before you act.

Please note: If you drop from full time (12 or more credit hours) to part time (11 credit hours or below) after the final refund deadline for a semester, you will still be charged full-time tuition.

Refunds are processed as quickly as possible, but may take four to six weeks.

Add/Drop Fees

If you add or drop a course after the registration deadline, you have to pay an add/drop fee of $10 per course.

Voluntary Withdrawal Fees

If you leave CCAD voluntarily and withdraw from a full-semester class, a fee is charged according to how many weeks you have been registered in the class.

  • For fall and spring semesters, you are charged:
  • During the first and second weeks, 10% of all tuition
  • During the third and fourth weeks, 40% of all tuition and 100% of lab fees
  • During the fifth week, 80% of all tuition and 100% of lab fees
  • No refunds after the fifth week

For summer full semester, you are charged:

  • During the first week, 40% of all tuition and lab fees
  • During the second week, 60% of all tuition and lab fees
  • No refunds after the second week

For May minimester and summer sessions I and II, you are charged:

  • For withdrawal on the first day of classes, 40% of tuition and 100% of lab fees
  • For withdrawal on the second day of classes, 60% of tuition and 100% of lab fees
  • No refunds after the second day of classes

Nonrefundable Payments

Registration, scheduling, and parking permit fees are nonrefundable. Residence hall fees and student health insurance premiums are refundable only through the first week of class. Unused meal plan balances may be refunded at the college’s discretion.

Withdrawal after Deadline

After the final withdrawal deadline for a given semester, you cannot retroactively withdraw for that semester.

Students seeking a medical withdrawal should refer to the “Medical Withdrawal” section of the CCAD Student Handbook. In most cases, students requesting medical withdrawals will still be charged all or part of the tuition and fees for that semester.