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College Services

Eligibility for Graduation

A student must complete a minimum of 120 term credit hours in required courses with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better, present an approved portfolio, and meet residency requirement (see student handbook for details) in order to graduate from CCAD. Seniors who are candidates for graduation must complete an application for graduation by the graduation application deadline for the term of intend to graduate. Seniors who fail to complete an application for graduation will not receive their degree.

Seniors are responsible for reviewing their completed course work, with respect to graduation requirements, to ensure fulfillment of all degree requirements, either by completed work at CCAD or transfer credit from other institutions. It is the responsibility of the graduating seniors to ensure that One-Stop Student Services receives all updated transcripts from other institutions prior to the last semester of attendance. All transcripts from other institutions must be addressed to the attention of the registrar.

Division deans and faculty advisors are not responsible for ensuring that seniors have completed required courses.

All candidates for graduation must have all delays of service cleared no later than two weeks prior to graduation. Any graduate with a delay of service will not receive service of any kind from CCAD, including the awarding of the degree and diploma, transcript service, and other services requested. If the student wants to participate in the commencement ceremony and actually get the diploma during the ceremony, he/she has to meet all deadlines, complete all academic requirements successfully, and clear all delay of service holds.

Graduating seniors who have questions regarding their requirement status should contact their advisor, division dean or One-Stop Student Services.

Registrar Contact: 
| registrar AT ccad DOT edu | 614.222.3295