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College Services

Post Secondary Enrollment Options

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) allows students in grades 9–12 to take CCAD’s regular college courses while still in high school. And—depending on your specific situation—the cost can be anywhere from 50 percent off to almost free.

For full details, visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website.

What Courses Can I Take?

In PSEO, you start by taking two of the same two core classes that all incoming freshmen take at CCAD: Drawing Methods I and Visual Literacy I.

After that, you can choose introductory survey classes from any of CCAD’s majors. Your PSEO counselor at CCAD will help you choose classes to fit your interests and your schedule. Each course is worth three credits.

Download PSEO course descriptions (pdf).


All PSEO students at CCAD pay a nonrefundable $20 application fee, as well as the cost of consumable supplies and any applicable lab fees. Parking in designated campus lots is free, but students are responsible for any off-campus parking costs.

Students using PSEO Option A receive a 50 percent tuition waiver. They are responsible for all coursework-related fees, as well as the cost of any textbooks.

Students using PSEO Option B receive tuition, coursework-related fees, textbooks, and non-consumable materials at no charge.

How to Apply

To apply for PSEO at CCAD, you must be a high school student in grades 9–12 with a grade point average of at least 3.0.

The first step is to get permission to apply from your high school guidance counselor. (If you are home-schooled, contact CCAD directly as indicated below.)

After that, the application process is done online through SlideRoom

Create an account, then log in, select the PSEO application, and follow the directions. Be careful to note the different support materials you will need to prepare.


Applicants may be invited on campus for a personal interview. If so, you will be asked for the following information upon scheduling your appointment.

  • Creative Portfolio—As a transfer applicant we require you to submit no less than 10 examples of your strongest work. Your work should demonstrate ability in your expected field of study while highlighting your technique, concept, risk-taking, and dedication. Questions about developing your portfolio? Check out our Creative Portfolio page.
  • Current High School Transcript(s)—Request that an official transcript be sent directly to CCAD.
  • Post-Secondary Counseling Requirement and Student Intent Forms
  • These are the forms referred to in the SlideRoom application process your counselor can contact CCAD for more information if necessary.

Ready to Learn More?

  • If you’re a public- or private-school student, talk to your school guidance counselor.
  • If you’re a homeschooled student, an educator, or guidance counselor who would like to work with CCAD, email or call 614.222.3266.
  • Deadline for contacts for fall 2014 PSEO: March 30
  • For a print version of the informatin on this page, download CCAD's PSEO handout (pdf).