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College Services

Student Insurance Plan


The CCAD student insurance plan provides a very convenient and cost-effective way for students to receive medical care while enrolled full-time at the college. All full-time CCAD students are automatically enrolled in the college’s student health insurance plan unless they provide proof of other coverage and waive out of the program (see below). For detailed information on the 2013-2014 plan download the student health plan brochure (PDF).

Some of the specific benefits of the plan include:

  • $500,000 annual limit per policy year.
  • $100 out-of-pocket annual deductible. A deductible is what you must pay first before the plan begins paying for some of the expenses.
  • Plan covers 80% of all usual and reasonable covered expenses after $100 deductible up to maximum annual limit. Student pays remaining 20% of all expenses.
  • Preventive care services are not subject to the deductible and are covered at 100%. This includes the immunizations required by CCAD for full-time students. Download a full list of preventive services (PDF).
  • No designated list of healthcare providers. Students can receive services from any medical doctor they choose.
  • Costs for prescriptions are reimbursed for covered illnesses up to the coverage limit.

To use the plan, students must show their insurance card to the healthcare provider to recieve services and submit a claim form (PDF) to the insurance company (available at One-Stop Student Services or at www.studentplanscenter.com).

Download the insurance card (PDF) if you have misplaced or damaged your card.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a “covered sickness?”
Generally speaking, the plan covers any sickness (see the official insurance brochure for exclusions). The plan does not cover dental work or eye care, unless the damage is a result of a specific injury. Elective surgery, preventive medicines or vaccines, and intentionally self-inflicted injuries are also not covered.

What is the limit of coverage?
Eligible expenses are covered at 80% of usual and customary charges up to $500,000 per policy year. This includes charges by a radiologist or for laboratory tests. Preventive care services (such as tobacco cessation interventions, alcohol misuse counseling, HIV screenings, depression screenings, some cancer screenings, and some immunizations) are covered at 100% and do not require deductible payment first.

What are my out-of-pocket expenses?
You must pay the $100 deductible first, and then 20% of all remaining costs will be your responsibility.

Can you recommend a clinic or doctor?
Two convenient clinics near campus are Gateway Health and Wellness Center at 112 Jefferson Ave., Suite 201 (614.754.6549) and Capital Primary Care at 500 E. Main St. (614.566.9933). They will usually make a same-day appointment for CCAD students. Simply call them for an appointment and state that you are a CCAD student.

Are prescriptions covered?
Yes, prescriptions are eligible for coverage at the 80% rate. You will first need to pay for the prescription yourself and then submit proof of payment with a claim form (PDF) to the insurance provider. These forms are available at the CCAD Student Services counter or by selecting CCAD at www.studentplanscenter.com. The insurance company will reimburse you for 80% of the cost of the prescription so long as it is for a covered expense.

Are mental health issues covered?
Yes, at the 80% rate for covered conditions.

Can I waive coverage in the student health plan if I already have health insurance coverage elsewhere?
Yes, you can do so at www.studentplanscenter.com by selecting “Columbus College of A&D” on the list of institutions and following the links. You will need to provide proof of other coverage by completing the online waiver form and must do so by the stated deadlines. You must complete the online form if requesting a waiver (requests made by phone, email, or letter are not honored). You will receive a confirmation number at the end of the process; please write this number down in case you are asked to confirm your waiver request later. If waiving the plan in the fall semester, the waiver will last for the entire year (fall/spring/summer) unless you request to be enrolled in the plan earlier. If waiving the plan in the spring semester, the waiver will only last for that spring and summer, and you will need to submit a new waiver request before the coming fall semester.

Additional information about the CCAD Student Insurance Plan can be received from Dwayne Todd, dean of students, at 614.222.4015 or by email. Please note that this is an abbreviated version of the actual insurance policy. The official “Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan” brochure, mailed to students in the summer and available throughout the year at the CCAD One-Stop Student Services Office, describes the full terms of coverage and exclusion. The master policy is held by the college and is the governing document.