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Technology Buyer's Guide

Selecting a computer, software, and other accessories represent a big investment, and it is important to understand that the technology needs of an artist or designer are very different from those in other professions.

Use the menu items to the left to learn more about shopping for computers, hard drives, accessories, and software. This information is provided to help you save money and get the computing equipment and software that best fits your needs.

Freshmen students are required to have the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. In the past we have required that all incoming Freshman purchase the Creative Suite. Because of the new subscription model a yearly subscription will be included in the Freshman Kit. All of the CCAD Computer Classrooms and Labs will have the Creative Cloud Suite installed.

Students other than freshmen who want to purchase a new Adobe Creative Suite subscription, or renew an existing subscription may purchase a subscription at a significant discount through CCAD's Adobe Creative Suite fulfillment site.  The 2015 price for non-freshmen and new transfer students is $170.

Instructions for accessing CCAD's Adobe Creative Suite fulfillment site, as well as instructions for downloading and installing Adobe Creative Suite will be sent to eligible students by August 15, 2015.


Free Anti-Virus Tools

We recommend that everyone install an Anti-Virus tools on your computer — both Windows and Macintosh users. A number of good packages are available, but we like those that are simple Anti-VIrus applications, rather than the complex 'comprehensive security solutions' you may also find. We don't recommend a particular brand or product, but can provide links to some good free tools you may want to try.

Information Technology Contact: 614.222.6174

August 6, 2015