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Faculty & Staff: Employee Email

Access your email, calendar, and contacts by clicking the Employee Email link at the top of any CCAD Web page to display the Outlook Web Access login page. 

 Outlook Web Access Login

Login with your assigned Username—don't include the To protect your password, email sessions are encrypted, but email itself remains an insecure messaging service. Don't put anything into an email message you would not want posted on a public bulletin board!

Employee email addresses end in Students and alumni have CCAD GoMail accounts that end in and are provided through a separate system.

Accessing Your Account

You can access your account from on- or off-campus using a Web browser from any device that supports SSL security protocols, including many handheld phones and devices.

The college does not offer POP or IMAP connectivity for employee email accounts, and the current system does not provide email forwarding capabilities. Microsoft Outlook is provided for staff and faculty who are assigned Windows computers in campus offices; Microsoft Entourage is supported for Faculty Computing Program participants on college-owned computers. We do not support use of other third-party email applications on- or off-campus.

Smartphone Connectivity

CCAD currently offer direct connections for employee email, calendar, or contact information on smartphones. The following types of phones and devices will work with our system (in alphabetical order):

  • Apple iOS devices, including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad -- Apple leads the industry in smartphones, portable web-enabled devices, and tablet computing. [ ]
  • Android Devices -- The AdroidOS family includes a number of phones and  tablets from a number of manufacturers
  • Windows Phones -- The older Windows Mobile operating system is dated and clunky compared to more modern alternatives, so if you are considering any of these, look at the newer Windows Phone 7 or later devices instead. [ ]

Devices that do not support Exchange ActiveSync protocols cannot work directly with our system and will not be able to connect. 

In order to connect to the CCAD email servers your phone, tablet or mobile device is requred to be secured with a PIN or password, store all data in an encrypted state and allow remote deletion of stored date in the event of theft or loss of your device.

For assistance in determining if your mobile device will work the the CCAD email servers or to obtain instructions and assistance in connecting your device call or stop by the HelpDesk. 

Information Technology Contact: 614.222.6174

Aug. 27, 2015