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Online Course Evaluations

Three weeks before the end of each term, a CCAD BFA course evaluation link will automatically appear in each GoStudio Course for your students. Faculty members do not need to take any action to make evaluations available for students.

Encourage your students to complete evaluations. Assure them that evaluations are confidential and are not available to instructors until final grades are submitted.

Faculty Course Evaluation Reports

When logged into GoStudio, instructors have a course evaluation reports block in the right column when viewing a page for any of their courses. This block, which students don't see, allows you to view reports on the evaluations submitted by your students.

Reports are available after the grading period has ended for your course. [Until grading is closed, you will see blank reports.]

Download the Faculty Course Evaluation Reports document (299 KB PDF) for more information.

Department Course Evaluation Reports

In addition to the course evaluation reports available to individual instructors for courses they teach, department reports provide evaluation information for all classes. These reports are only available to academic leaders as directed by the vice president of acadmic affairs, including division deans, department chairs, and area coordinators.

Reports are available after the grading period has ended.

Download the Department Course Evaluation Reports document (1.6 MB PDF) for more information.

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April 11, 2011