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Self Service: PowerCampus Online Tools

PowerCampus is the student information system CCAD uses to manage academic activities for students and faculty, starting with the application process and including enrollment, billing, course scheduling, and academic progress. Self Service is the online component of this system, available as a link at the top of the pages on the college website.


Self Service provides specific resources based upon the role an individual has been assigned in the system.


This level of access does not require a login. All other users have access to the following services as well.

  • Searchable course catalog
  • Online course descriptions and requirements information
  • Find course sections by keyword, title, term, or faculty member
  • Degree requirements for major and minor fields of study


  • Courses, including view course schedules, view grades, and online registration
  • Degree progress, including unofficial transcript, academic plan, and the National Student Clearinghouse (enrollment verification and official transcripts)
  • Money, including account Information (activity), current balance, and financial aid info.


  • Current courses, including course schedule, view class lists (rosters), course setup (for uploading material requirement information), and gradebook (for submitting midterm and final grades electronically).
  • There is also a link for course home page, which is a very limited learning management system. Most faculty members are not using this Self Service feature, and are instead using the more flexible tools offered in GoStudio to support their classes with online resources.


Advisors have access to additional student information to assist efforts to provide guidance and advice. The director of advising determines who should have the advisor role in Self Service.

Campus Security Access

The Director of Safety & Security assigns the campus security role to designated officers. This role provides additional information about students and faculty members, in case an emergency arises and they need to contact an individual.

Account Access

Degree-seeking students, faculty members, and designated security officers are assigned accounts in Self Service. Log in for the first time using your assigned CCAD username and initial password.


On the Self Service front page instructions on how to log in are displayed below the login ID and password fields. Once logged in, faculty members and advisors also see a help section in the menu on the left that includes links to the following resources:

Information Technology Contact: 614.222.6174

July 27, 2011