College Services

Staff Members

Full-time and most part-time staff members are provided the following accounts and resources.

Username & Password

One Username

Each individual is assigned a username that is common for all primary systems; the username is the first part of the assigned email address — everything before the @ sign. Employee email accounts end in

Alice Schille would be aschille — unless someone else had already been assigned that address, like Andrew Schille. In that case, Alice would be .1 or .2, or so on. Employee usernames do not end with a period followed by a digit unless the address has already been assigned.

Once assigned, an individual’s username remains the same, even if their role in the college changes. For example, if a student graduates and is hired to teach, they will retain the same username they had as a student, even though new employee accounts will be established.

If an individual legally changes their last name, such as in the case of marriage or divorce, proof of the change must be submitted to the Human Resources or One Stop offices to have their name changed in our systems and a new username assigned.

One Default Password

To improve password security, passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and include at least one letter, one number, and one punctuation mark. We recommend that you change your password at least once a year. If you forget your password, we can reset it to the default.

Network Accounts

The following accounts are connected to one another and share the same username and password. If you change your email password, for example, it will change for all of these systems:

Separate Accounts

The following systems are stand-alone systems and are not connected to any other system. Changing the password in one system, for example, will not change it for any other system.

  • CCAD Emergency Alert System
    register to receive notification in the event of a campus emergency sent to your mobile phone, email, and/or text messaging.

Telephone & Voicemail

Full-time staff members are also assigned a phone number with Voicemail. Please take the time to set up your voicemail account — entering a unique password and recording both your name and an outgoing greeting.


Technology Support Contact: 614.222.6174

July 27, 2011