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Technology & Sustainability

Combining new initiatives with long-standing policies, Information Technology is working to make sure that conservation is an integral part of working with technology on campus. You can help!

Save Energy. Save Money.

Turn the Computer Off When You're Finished.

For both classroom and office computers, please make it a habit to Shut Down the computer every time you finish with it, unless someone is waiting to use the system.

In an office, if you're not going to be using the system for two hours or more, please shut it down. In the past, many thought that turning a system off and turning it on again a short time later was either bad for the equipment or used more energy in start-up than just leaving the system running. These simply don't apply to modern systems; turning the system off saves more energy and does not damage equipment.

We have configured systems to sleep, following the latest Energy Star recommendations, just in case systems are left on. Turning them off, however, is still the best way to save.

CCAD Technology Retirement Policy

The college disposes of all equipment being retired from service in a responsible manner, whether it is part of a scheduled replacement or through equipment failure.

Functioning systems that are being retired are are sent to an electronics recycling firm for safe disposal. We do not offer computers or other equipment to students, members of the public, alumni, or community groups.

Retired Systems for Employees

  • Each system will be erased and the original operating system is reinstalled—only those applications that are included with the Operating System are provided. (Other applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop are not included.) Each computer will be in working condition, and will include a display, keyboard, mouse, and power cord(s).
  • We prefer to distribute complete systems, and therefore cannot offer individual components such as keyboards or monitors separately.
  • Distributed systems will be awarded once or twice a year through a random process as equipment becomes available. Employees will be notified through email when systems become available and how they can submit a request.
  • Recipients agree to:
    • remove the equipment from campus immediately.
    • wait a year after getting a system before asking again, so others will have an opportunity.
    • dispose of the system in a responsible manner when it is no longer needed.
  • Recipients also agree that IT will never see or be asked to fix the computer again. Ever.

The only way we can offer these retired systems to employees instead of sending all systems for recycling is by keeping it very simple—we cannot afford to invest much staff time in this process.

Saving Energy with Servers

Behind the scenes a large number of servers provide resources that keep our systems running—file servers, application servers, database servers, Web servers, and more. The college has taken several steps to improve the efficiency of our server fleet and reduce energy consumption through investments in more efficient hardware, system virtualization, improved cooling and power management systems, and more.