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Campus Residents: Cable TV

Time Warner Cable TV service is provided for residents in both Design Square Apartments and Schottenstein Residence Hall. In addition to common areas in each building, residents are also supplied cable TV in each bedroom. In the Design Square Apartments, an additional Cable TV outlet is also provided in the living area within each suite. In the Schottenstein Residence Hall, one connection is provided per bedroom. (If two people share a bedroom, they also share a single Cable TV connection.)

Channel Lineup

Time Warner Standard Service channels are provided: 

2 In-House Channel 38 TV Land
3 Government Access 39 ABC Family
4 WCMH (NBC) 40 Discovery Channel
5 TV Guide Channel 41 A&E
6 WSYX (ABC) 42 Lifetime
7 WOSU (PBS) 43 E!TV-Entertainment TV
8 WTTE (FOX) 44 Food Network
9 Community Information 45 HGTV - Home & Garden TV
10 WBNS (CBS) 46 Spike TV
11 Home Shopping Network 47 CMT-Country Music TV
12 The Learning Channel 48 VH1-Music Hits
13 WWHO (CW) 49 MTV-Music Television
14 Travel Channel 50 BET-Black Entertainment Television
15 WUAB (Cleveland) 51 Comedy Central
16 WGN Superstation (Chicago) 52 SyFy
17 TBS Superstation (Atlanta) 53 Bravo
18 QVC 54 AMC
19 ShopNBC 55 TCM
20 The History Channel 56 CNBC
21 Community Access 57 MSNBC
22 CSPAN (Public Affairs) 58 Big Ten Network
23 Hallmark Channel 59 The Weather Channel
24 Time Warner Connection/Sport!TV 60 Animal Planet
25 Educational Access 61 Tru TV
26 Local Weather Radar 62 The Golf Channel
27 Headline News 63 Fox News Channel
28 CNN-Cable News Network 64 FX
29 USA Network 65 Lifetime Movie Network
30 TNT-Turner Network Television 66 WE: Women’s Entertainment
31 ESPN 67 Oxygen
32 ESPN2 68 National Geographic
33 Fox Sports Net Ohio 69 MTV2
34 Sports Time Ohio 70 Versus
35 Disney Channel 74 Noggin
36 Cartoon Network 75 Univision
37 Nickelodeon Family    

You Can Subscribe for Additional Services on Your Own

Residents also have the option of subscribing directly through Time Warner to obtain additional services, including premium channels, digital DVR, or HD programming.

Students who subscribe for additional services will be billed directly by Time Warner. For more information, including service options and prices, contact TIme Warner Cable online at or at 614.481.5320. For those planning to live in either building, you will need a confirmed address and room number in order to subscribe so you may want to wait until after you arrive.

Information Technology Contact: 614.222.6174

August 6, 2015