College Services

Campus Residents: Telephone

One telephone number is provided for each suite or apartment, providing access to campus numbers and free local calling.

  • Dial 8 to get an outside line in order to make a call to any off-campus number.
  • Local calls within the 614 area code are free, and you do not need to dial the area code. (For example, 8.555.1234 will call 614.555.1234)
  • Four-digit dialing can be used when calling campus phone numbers. Simply dial the last four numbers of the phone number, such as 6165 for Campus Security or 3295 for One Stop Student Services. (Do not dial 8 first when calling a campus number with four-digit dialing.)
  • Remember to dial 8 to get an outside line when dialing any 1.800 number, such as when using a calling card to make a long-distance call.
  • No voicemail service is provided.

Information Technology Contact: 614.222.6174

July 9, 2015