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Technology Advisory Committee

The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) reviews requests, makes recommendations, and advises college leaders on decisions dealing with our technology environment. Made up of faculty and staff members from across the institution, their mission is to represent the needs of the entire community and guide the college in decisions involving technology.

This committee is not led by or driven by members of Information Technology, but works closely with the IT team. TAC evaluates existing IT projects and new requests, and then makes recommendations to the President's Advisory Team on priorities for current and future IT focus and projects.

The Members

  • Jonathan Lindsay, vice president of enrollment management & communications
  • David Bennett, associate professor
  • Michele Kibler, registrar
  • Jeannine Kraft, assistant professor, chair of history of art
  • Daniel LaFuente, director of residence life
  • Lacey Luce, director of web management
  • Stewart McKissick, professor, coordinator of illustration
  • Char Norman, dean of faculty
  • Jaclyn Pounds, associate director of admissions, operations
  • Anna Schofield, director of financial aid
  • Duncan Snyder, associate professor,  chair of photography
  • Gail Storer, library director
  • Julie Taggart, dean of foundation studies and fine arts
  • NaKeita Savage, IT project manager

Projects & Status

Details about our current activities and up-to-date status on the various projects is available on the IT News page.

Meeting Minutes


Information Technology Contact: 614.222.6174