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Technology: Wireless Network

You can access the ARTNET wireless network with your WiFi-equipped laptop computer in most locations on campus.  You may access the internet, including websites and email access, as well as CCAD academic or administrative networks, file servers, or printers.

Getting Connected

  1. Using your WiFi-equipped laptop computer, connect to the network named ARTNET. (Macintosh users, select ARTNET from the Airport menu in the menu bar, or in the Airport panel within Network Preferences. Windows users, choose ARTNET as the SSID in your wireless network software.)
  2. Your username and password to connect to ARTNET is the same as your email user ID and password.

Security Notes 

  • This service is provided as a 'shared resource'
  • Access to this network is not encrypted, so everything you send and receive is in clear text. A possibility exists that someone else could monitor your activity on this wireless network. Avoid sending personal or sensitive data across the wireless network.
  • Any computer on this network infected with a virus may attempt to spread the infection to other wireless users. Please make sure that your virus protection is up-to-date.

Getting Assistance 

If you have difficulty logging in or using the wireless network, contact CCAD Information Technology at 614.222.6174 (6174 from campus phones). 

Information Technology Contact: 614.222.6174

August 6, 2015